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Big Boy Bed

Big Boy Bed

I mentioned last week that I wanted to get Zach a “big boy bed.”  I’ve been thinking about it for a while and decided that we were both ready for him to move up.  Once I get an idea like that in my head, I’m just not satisfied until it is done.

I spent days searching online stores, checking craigslist ads, and debating whether we could afford it or not.  I convinced my dad to pitch in a little bit towards the bed as Zach’s birthday present.  I had a really nice looking oak day bed picked out that I thought would be perfect for Zach’s room.  Then the car fiasco happened.  While I was dealing with that, the day bed apparently sold and I missed out on it.  At least that’s what I think happened since the guy selling it quit answering my calls.

After I picked Zach up Friday night, his day care provider called and told me that there were some bunk beds for sale at a garage sale down the street from her.  I took a chance that the sale would still be open and drove down there while Zach and Hubby were eating dinner.  They were still there and I bought them on the spot.  They are very sturdy and are pretty much exactly what I wanted but had ruled out due to cost.

Hubby and I spent the rest of the evening transporting the beds, taking them apart, moving them to Zach’s room, and then putting them back together (damn my skinny hallway!).  Then we had to start searching for some cheap mattresses.  Saturday morning we checked around and ended up buying some really cheap, thin mattresses for $50 a pop.  They won’t work long-term, but we can always buy better ones after the potty training is done.  For now, they are keeping Zach happy.

We had the bed up and ready to sleep in by nap time Saturday and Zach could not have been more thrilled.  He slept solidly in his new big boy bed the last two nights.  I’m sure the newness will wear off eventually, but for now he is loving his big boy bed.

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  1. OMG! What a big step! Are you freaking out? Love the beds. My brother had similar ones at that age!

  2. He looks so cute! I love the bunk beds. Now Dylan will have a bed to sleep in when we crash at your place! Good choice. Do you remember our bunk beds?

    I bought someone a birthday gift today!

  3. dee dee

    @pocklock – I had a minor freaking out about taking down the crib/todder bed. Mostly I’m just happy that he seems to be sleeping better in the big bed.

    @tanya – He does look cute, doesn’t he? I love seeing him in his big boy bed. I think all the boys could sleep in there right now, Dylan on the top and Zach and Ryan could share the bottom bunk. So when are you guys coming over? 😉

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