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A Captured Moment


On Easter, while we were relaxing at my Dad’s house, my sister picked up my camera and took a few shots of me and Caleb just after a feeding. I have very few photos of the two of us. There are a few during those first days at the hospital, but other than that just a couple I’ve managed to click on my iphone.

I love these photos my sister took, not because they are particularly good of me, but because of the moment. When I look at this photo, I could tell you exactly what I was feeling. I love those moments of pure contentedness just after Caleb has nursed. He is totally comfortable and snuggley, usually about half asleep. These are the moments when I love to just sit in amazement of this little thing I have created. It is one of the things I miss the most since I’ve been back to work. I miss out on 3-4 feedings a day while he is at day care. When we get home, the evenings are so busy that I don’t get time to just sit and relish in the happiness of those sweet moments. This is what I was thinking about when she snapped those photos – how special that moment was and how grateful I was to have it captured.

Going back to work after maternity leave has been difficult with all three of my babies. It is so hard to leave them after only six short weeks, however, staying home has never been an option for me. In some ways, it was much easier this time, but in some ways it was much harder. After all, this time I know that there will be no more babies. Caleb is the last one and I want to cherish every single second.

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