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You Outta Be In Pictures

So I was actually off to a good start this morning and was getting some work done when I decided to reward myself by stopping for a few minutes to check my e-mail.  I just had a few messages so I went ahead and read them.  Then I clicked on a link in one of the e-mails.  That sent me to a page where I found another interesting link…and on….and on…

Before I realized what had happened I had wasted an hour visiting various internet sites.  But, it wasn’t totally wasted time, because now I’m going to spend a little more time and share a couple of links with you so you can waste some time.  I’m nice like that.

For several years now I’ve had a bit of an interest in digital photography.  The problem is that I’ve never really had the time to learn much about it, nor do I have the equipment that I need to really get serious about it.  I would love to have something like this, but until I suddenly become wealthy or someone decides to gift it to me I have to settle with this and this which are already in my possession.

I’ve been reading Picture This, a new ClubMom blog for a few weeks and it has gotten me a little excited about photography again.  I even joined the Flickr group and look forward to sharing some of my favorite photos.  And, since I have my very own live subject to photgraph whenever I want, I almost always have the opportunity to snap a shot here and there. 

This morning I found the Digital Photography School, a clearly written (read: on my level) blog about digital photography. I had to make myself click on the little red x at the top of my screen because I could have stayed there all day long.  The tips are great and it is very easy to follow even if you know very little about photography (like me).

The other fun site I found is fd’s flickr toys, because who doesn’t want to play around with their Flickr photos?  You can do lots of fun stuff there, like this:

Zach Mosaic 

I’ll have to play around in there when I have some more time, but for now I suppose I should get back to work. 

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