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Oops, I Did It Again!

To The Rescue!

Yesterday at lunch my mom and I ventured out to the fabric store because she has accepted the task of making a Santa Clause suit for my nephew to wear in his school’s Christmas play.  Since it was snowing and my car handles the snow better than hers, I went along to help her pick up her supplies.  The only problem with this was that we were going to a fabric store.  Fabric stores are like crack to me.  I can’t go in without buying something.

I went in with a couple of things in mind that I wanted to look for.  I needed some fabric for a gift I want to make, and some art supplies to go along with the easel that Zach is getting for Christmas.  I ended up not really getting any of that.  I couldn’t find any fabric that I liked for the gift and didn’t find exactly what I was looking for in art supplies.  But, I did find some Buzz Lightyear fabric that I couldn’t turn down, a Buzz Lightyear fabric book kit, a few patterns that looked fun, and some fleece remnants that were marked down super cheap (These are perfect for lining my dog’s kennel).

By the time I got home I was so giddy I couldn’t stand it.  I had planned on waiting until Zach went to bed and then starting in on the Buzz Lightyear projects.  Unfortunately, when I was carrying in the incredibly see-through bag he got a peek of what was inside and started going nuts.  He saw Buzz Lightyear and knew it was something for him.

I had decided to make a couple of quick pillows out of the fabric so as soon as I got Zach out of the bathtub and settled down I headed back to my sewing room and started in.  I figured I could whip up a quick pillow for him before bed time.  After a little problem with my machine and thread, I finally got a pillow put together.  Zach came in and helped me stuff the pillow and we got it finished up just in time for him to head to bed.  He was very excited about his Buzz Lightyear pillow and pushed his old Diego pillow right off the bed to make room.  It didn’t help him go to sleep any faster, but he sure did like it.

I put together another quick pillow for my nephew but didn’t have quite enough stuffing so I’ll have to make a quick trip to Wal-Mart sometime this weekend so I can finish it up.  Then I started in on the fabric Buzz Lightyear book.  I know Zach is really a bit old for these types of books, but he still loves the one his Granny made him so I figured we might as well try it.  Besides, I’ve been wanting to make one of these anyway to see how complicated they are.  There are a LOT of babies that will be born soon and I really love to make gifts.  I’m not sure when he’s going to get the book though.  I think I may have to hold out for a while and make it a “potty prize”.

The book probably took me a couple of hours to put together, but part of that time was spent watching Grey’s Anatomy so I wasn’t going full force for that hour.  It really was fairly simple and the finished product came out great.  I think I could do it much faster the next time now that I have the process down.

I really surprised myself by finishing these all up in one night.  I guess it just goes to show that I really can do it if I am determined.  Now I need to get started on those Christmas gifts I wanted to make.  I just need to find some more fabric…

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