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Month: August 2011

Catching Up

Feeling a bit scatter-brained this week, but I’m trying to do better at updating things so here are a bunch of random updates to fill you in.

  • In pregnancy news, I’m now 14 weeks and into the second trimester. I’m feeling much, much better when it comes to the queasy, nauseated mess that I was a few weeks ago. However, I’m still ridiculously tired the majority of the time. I have managed to force myself out of my comfy chair and gotten a few things accomplished around the house. I would feel better about that if there weren’t so much more that needed to be done. I’m at least getting the laundry washed. It just may not be folded and put away.
  • Things seem to be going really well for Zach at school this year. There have been a couple of complaints, but they have been minimal. I mean, what kid wants to do homework? I think it has made a big difference this year that we were better prepared and had supports in place for his sensory issues from the beginning. We’re currently exploring what other services may be available for him during the school day, but there is a chance he won’t qualify for anything. Apparently in Missouri, SPD does not qualify him for services as a primary diagnosis.
  • Both Zach and Evie are signed up for Tumbling classes at the Y this year. I was really hoping to put them in dance, but we are really trying to watch costs right now and it was just a bit more than we wanted to spend. The tumbling classes go for two months at a time (and are much cheaper), so they can try it out and it isn’t a huge loss if they decide to drop it. The first session is Monday night and they are both really excited about it. The best part is that they are in the same class and they are excited about getting to do it together.
  • Zach also is wanting to join Boy Scouts (Tiger Cubs) this year. They are having a meeting about it tonight and he asked me if he could go so I guess we are going to. Honestly, I’m glad he is interested in it but I’m a little hesitant about the time commitment. Our evenings are so jam-packed already during the week, but I know it will be a good experience for him. I’m also hoping that maybe he will build some closer friendships with kids in his school.
  • I’m really getting excited for our annual Labor Day weekend trip to the lake, but praying my sister-in-law doesn’t go into labor while we’re gone. She’s about two weeks out from her scheduled c-section date, but could go into labor at any time. I would really like for her to hold off until I’m back in town to greet my new little nephew!
  • Exciting things are happening for our little church that we’ve been a part of the last couple years.  As a new church start, we’ve been meeting in various locations but we have finally purchased and are moving into our own building this week. It will be a huge deal for us to have our own space in a permanent location. In preparation for our Grand Opening at the new building on September 25th, I’ve been working on overhauling our web site. Finding time to work on it has a been a challenge, but it is going to look great when it is finally done. The church’s band (which hubby plays Bass in) is also going to be playing a show at Zona Rosa on the 10th, which we’re hoping will pull in a few new people. It will be his first time playing in front of people (other than at church) and he’s really excited about it.
  • My calendar is starting to fill up with Fall photo sessions and I’m getting really excited to get out and shoot! Between early pregnancy sickness and the incredible heat we’ve been going through this summer, I haven’t felt like doing much of anything. Now that it is finally starting to cool down (at least a little bit) and I’m feeling better, I’m ready to get my finger clicking again!
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First Day in the First Grade


Zachary started First grade yesterday (and I can’t stop singing the song from that darn Veggietales movie every time I say “first day in the first grade”). I was a little nervous about him starting a new year, with a new teacher, and new kids because it seemed like it took most of the year last year to finally get him settled in.


As it turns out, I had no need to worry. The kid walked in like he ruled the school on the first day. He got up and got dressed on time, and didn’t even complain when I told him mommy had to take pictures before we could leave. He didn’t show the slightest bit of nervousness. I wish I could have had his confidence when I was six!


He was excited to get to his classroom and find out who was going to be in his class. It turns out that at least one of his good friends ended up in class with him and even sits right next to him. He was a little disappointed that his best boy friends weren’t in his class, but for some reason there are a lot of girls and very few boys in his grade so they have to split them up.


He came home happy, saying he had a great first day. This morning he was just as excited to go back. I dropped him off at the door this morning for the first time (last year he went to the before school program and had to be signed in each day) and he assured me he would make it to his classroom by himself. I don’t think he even looked back after he got out of the car. I can’t believe he is getting so big.


I also had a great conversation with his teacher regarding his sensory issues and she is very willing to accommodate him in the classroom. She’s very open to any suggestions I have that will help him throughout the day and just knowing that has put this momma’s heart and mind at ease.

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Through the Lens


I’ve been missing my camera lately. It has been sitting on the shelf, packed safely inside my bag pretty much since we came home from our vacation. I did take it out to snap a few photos when my cousin and her family were visiting, but I haven’t taken the time to really photograph anything. I’ve been looking at some amazingly creative photos online recently, and have felt discouraged that I don’t have the time to experiment with my camera the way I would like to. Then I though about just how long my camera has been sitting on that shelf. Huh.


After dinner last night, I decided I was just going to shoot. Maybe just a few lifestyle type snapshots of the kids – anything just to get my finger clicking again. Since Zach refuses to let me take his photo, I ended up snapping 20-30 quick shots of Evie. A few of her playing with Thomas the Train set, then we went outside and she played in the yard while I snapped a few more.

My Sunshine

I realized later, while I was looking through the photos I shot, that I’ve been missing out on a lot of her smiles lately as well. I’ve been tired and short-tempered lately, and that is probably only going to get worse over the next 6 months or so. Giving her a few minutes of my undivided attention made her so happy.


Sometimes, it really is the small things that matter the most. Funny how sometimes I see things so much more clearly when I’m looking through the lens.

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Can I Go Take A Nap Now?

9 1/2 weeks - only 30 more to go!

So it seems that Hubby thinks baby #3 is already getting left out because I’m not writing about it much. He commented about the fact that I haven’t written anything about the baby other than announcing that I’m pregnant. And yes, he’s right, but I also haven’t written about much of anything lately. I haven’t written about our vacation, Zach’s birthday party, how Evie is growing up faster than I can keep up with, how summer has passed me by in a blink, or how all I want to do is sleep, sleep, sleep right now. I start to type out a post and then…zzzzzzzzzzzz…

I am so very tired. ALL. THE. TIME.

There are multiple post starts in my drafts folder that will likely never see themselves published. Seriously, my writing has been so terrible I can barely even choke my way through it. I get halfway done with a thought and get so bored with it I never finish it. (See? This post is getting there too, but I’m going to attempt to slug my way through it.)

So, I’m about 10 weeks along right now in this pregnancy (due Feb. 26th).  I’m tired pretty much all the time. The all-day-long sickness is finally starting to get a little bit better, as long as I make sure to eat something fairly soon after I get out of bed and continue to eat frequently through the day. The only problem with that is that nothing tastes good most of the time. Once I get a few bites down I’m usually okay, but forcing those down can be rather difficult. The other problem is that nothing I drink tastes good so I’m not getting nearly enough liquids in my body. The only things that I’ve found that really taste good are lemonade and ruby red grapefruit juice and those both give me massive heartburn. Seriously, I can’t even drink a Diet Coke. It tastes horrible to me (certainly helps the whole caffeine addiction problem though). Oh, and did I mention I’m tired?

I officially broke into the maternity clothes stash today. I still have a few pairs of jeans I can wear and plenty of stretchy shirts, but my work pants are starting to look a bit ridiculous as I haven’t been able to button them in a couple weeks now. That happened entirely too fast. At least with the maternity clothes on the bump might start looking more like baby belly than just fat belly that can’t be sucked in.

Hubby claims I’m already nesting, but I just call it planning. I’ve rearranged Evie’s bedroom in my head about 10 different times now, trying to figure out how to fit the crib in there, as well as another dresser. I’ve started a registry list on Amazon (not because I plan to have a shower, but because of the discount I can get later!) with all the things I might want this time around. They have come out with a lot of new things since Evie was born 3 years ago! We have most of the essentials still, but I’ll still want/need a few new things.

That’s pretty much where I am now that I’ve gotten over the shock a little bit. I think we all get a little more excited every day. Evie wants to kiss and touch my belly all the time and constantly asks about the baby. Zach hasn’t talked as much about the baby, but he has been extra snuggly with me lately. And Hubby, well I have to say he’s been nice about the fact that all I want to do is sleep all day. I think we’ll all be a little happier when Mommy starts feeling a bit better though!

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