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Month: July 2006


It seems that Dad Gone Mad has started a little meme and I just resist joining him. The basic idea is to list the things that you have been infatuated with over the course of your lifetime. I have lots of these, and I’m sure I’ll leave some out but here goes…

Music (the ones I played over and over and over again)

  • New Kids On The Block
  • Tommy Page
  • Tiffany
  • Counting Crows
  • Sarah McLachlan
  • Pearl Jam
  • Dave Matthews Band
  • Dixie Chicks
  • Shinedown

Boys (protecting the names of the innocent)

  • PB-the first "real" boyfriend
  • RG-huge crush that never went anywhere
  • The ex-husband
  • The hubby


  • Pens-I have a huge collection that threatens to take over my desk
  • Coca-Cola stuff (especially the old antique stuff that I can’t afford)
  • Shoes-you really can’t ever have enough
  • Guitars-just wish I could actually play them
  • Computers


  • Beverly Hills 90210
  • Melrose Place
  • The Mickey Mouse Club
  • Kids Incorporated
  • The O.C.


  • Blogs
  • Peanut Butter (when pregnant)
  • Coke (Coca-Cola Classic and now Coke Zero)
  • The Baby-Sitter’s Club books
  • Cats
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Boston Red Sox
  • Stephen King movies (the books take too long to read)
  • Hair-cutting and styling-I once thought I would be a beautician

I’m sure there’s more that I’m not thinking of but I do have to get some work done sometime today.  Ok, your turn.  Leave a comment and let me know if you are playing along.

p.s.  I totally fixed my comment problem on accident today.  How awesome is that? 

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On Friendships and the Past

Today a conversation prompted me to start thinking about the influences that my friends bring into my life and how those influences have changed who I am. When I think of the many friends I have had throughout my life, I start to see patterns in my own behavior. There have been times in my life when I was definitely hanging with the wrong crowd. I think that when I am around them, I allow them to influence my general tendency to be happy in life.

Right now, for instance, the friend that I spend the most time with has a bit of a drinking problem (not that I have a problem with drinking, just that with her it is excessive). Her husband is bi-polar and very dependent on a certain illegal drug. They also have a pretty explosive marriage and kids with various emotional problems. We hang out at their house almost every weekend and I find it to be a depressing environment. I love my friend and think that she is a really great person, but sometimes it gets hard for me to be there because it brings me down. Yet, when they invite us over I can’t say no because I think that Hubby and I bring a sense of normalcy and stability to their otherwise chaotic lives. They refer to us as their best (and only) “normal” friends.

I know that being in this environment is not necessarily good for me. I let myself get sucked into it. I see my attitude and general disposition change when I am there and wonder if it contributes to my overall unhappiness in life. Hubby and I have always tried to be a positive influence when we are there but after a while it is hard not to just give up. I find myself not wanting to be around them as much anymore. I crave friendships that can bring a positive influence to my life rather than the negative one that I get there.

I remember what it was like to have that positive influence. Once upon a time I had some really great friends, who I looked up to like no other. They seemed to have the perfect marriage from what I could see. They had three beautiful children that I loved like my own. They were always encouraging me and my ex to be the best that we could be in life. Being around them just made me happy. There was always such a positive vibe with them. Even though they were quite a bit older than us, they treated us as equals and we always had a fun time together. Unfortunately, I lost my friends in the divorce and I miss them almost as much as I miss my ex-husband sometimes.

I hate to think that that friendship was one of a kind, but since then I have never been able to find anyone who has the same effect on my life. I have plenty of friends and aquaintences, but no one who really brings me up and just makes me feel loved they way that they did. Sometimes I wonder if it is just that I unintentionally push those people away. I wonder if those people stay away because they see the negativity in me.

I really wish I could find a way to erase that negativity and just be happy again. I want to find that positive influence that I so desperately need in my life. I just don’t know where to look.

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Molars: How I Detest Thee

A few days ago I noticed that Zach was really chewing on his fingers again which generally means more teeth are about to break through his gums. I hadn’t noticed any of the generally obvious white bumps under his gums so I stuck a finger in there to feel around a bit. When I did, I got a nice little surprise…he bit the hell out of my finger. It was actually sore for a couple of days. I also found out that he is in the process of cutting all four of his one-year molars all at once. One of the top ones has partially broken through, but the others are all just under the gums waiting for the right moment to pop out.

Up until now, Zach has done really well with teething. He has never gotten too fussy and only had problems sleeping a couple of times. This time is totally different. I sent an e-mail to warn his day care provider of the situation yesterday because I had forgotten to tell her about it when I dropped him off. She said it was no big deal, although he didn’t nap very well yesterday.

Apparently, today was a different story. I got an e-mail early this afternoon asking me to please remember to bring Tylenol tomorrow as he was having a pretty rough time of it. I wrote back, assuring her that I would bring it and asked if he was any better. She said he had been up crying all afternoon and his gums were swollen. As I was leaving work, she called to ask if I was on my way because he wouldn’t stop crying.

When I got there to pick him up he looked absolutely pitiful. His gums, as well as his cheeks were swollen. He had drool dripping out of his mouth and looked like a zombie. He had only slept for a total of 13 minutes. He immediately snuggled up to me. As soon as we got home, I doped him up with some Baby Orajel and Ibuprofen and he fell asleep about 10 seconds later. I’m pretty sure that I’m in for a great night tonight.

Why didn’t anybody warn me that this was going to happen? Damn molars!

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Necesito una siesta

You know that feeling when you are so tired that you feel like you are drunk? Yeah, that one. That’s how I’m feeling today. It is days like this that make me wonder if it was very smart of my boss to let me be tucked away back here in this quiet little corner. Do you think anyone would notice if I took a little siesta under the desk?

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Tuckered Out

july_15_06 021

This was a wonderful weekend, but I’m not sure that you’re supposed to be more tired on Monday morning than you are when the weekend starts.

We started off the weekend at our friends’ house. The boys went downstairs to jam out while my best friend and I chatted and played with Zach upstairs. When they were done making noise, I put Zach to sleep and we all played some cards and hung out.

Saturday morning I had to get up and make a mad dash for the grocery store as we were out of milk and the little man isn’t too happy without it. When I got back I showered and then packed bags to go to my sister’s. We dropped Zach off at my sister’s with my mom who got the pleasure of watching all three boys for the evening. We ended up being a few minutes late (as usual) so we rushed out the door and headed to my friends’ wedding.

The wedding ceremony was beautiful, but as is usually the case, the reception was the fun part. Hubby and I had a great time getting our drink on and dancing with my sister, her husband, and all of our friends. We were warned ahead of time that there was a sobriety checkpoint down the road a couple of miles. Fortunately we had a DD anyway so it wasn’t a big deal but the cop gave him a hard time for having his renewal sticker in the wrong spot on the license plates. After we got through the sobriety check, there was a very interesting game of truth or dare in the “party van” as it was called all night, then a stop at Taco Bell for munchies, and a couple of stops to drop people off before we finally got back to my sister’s house.

Once we finally got there, we were all ready to crash. We slept in as late as the babies would allow, which actually wasn’t very late at all. Then we spent the day lounging around watching movies, playing on our laptops, and eating. It was fun, but we didn’t leave my sister’s until 10:00 lastnight and today I’m just exhausted. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch back up on my sleep over the next couple of days.

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Hi, how are you?

So, I updated to MT 3.3. I guess if you stopped by recently you saw that it didn’t go so well. I royally fucked my site up, had a slight panic attack, relaxed and then re-loaded the thing from scratch. Thank goodness all the important stuff is saved in MySQL. I’m now back up and running. The only thing I am kind of bummed about is that most of the plugins I was using have not yet been updated for 3.3. Hopefully updates for the important ones will be coming soon, like the one for my blogroll. I’m so glad that it’s Friday!

By the way, I know I’m having some issues with the comments and I’m working on that. But, if you find anything else funky please let me know. Comments on this post seem to be working, but not the old ones.

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