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Hi, how are you?

So, I updated to MT 3.3. I guess if you stopped by recently you saw that it didn’t go so well. I royally fucked my site up, had a slight panic attack, relaxed and then re-loaded the thing from scratch. Thank goodness all the important stuff is saved in MySQL. I’m now back up and running. The only thing I am kind of bummed about is that most of the plugins I was using have not yet been updated for 3.3. Hopefully updates for the important ones will be coming soon, like the one for my blogroll. I’m so glad that it’s Friday!

By the way, I know I’m having some issues with the comments and I’m working on that. But, if you find anything else funky please let me know. Comments on this post seem to be working, but not the old ones.

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  1. I like it. I think it looks great. I hope your bugs work themselves out.

  2. hey dee! Vox looks cool. do you still happen to have an invite?

  3. Glad you are back! I was worried about the AWOL.

  4. I dont think I mentioned this, but I love the way you fixed up the site. Great choice in colors!

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