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The First Cut is the Deepest

I’ve felt it coming on for a few months now.  I’ve argued with myself over and over again.  Should I? Shouldn’t I?  Is it really time for that already?

I knew it was the right thing to do but I just couldn’t bring myself to actually do it.  I knew I was capable, but perhaps I should just allow a professional to take care of it.  What if I screwed up? What if she looks at her baby pictures and hates me forever?

Ah, screw it.  It was time.

I called around to find just the right place to take her.  Then I decided to just suck it up, save some money, and do it myself.

This weekend Evie got her very first hair cut.  And I did it myself.  And I didn’t butcher her too bad.

First, she had to prepare herself and give me a stern warning not to cut too much off.

Then, we wet it down a bit so that I could see exactly where all those long unruly hairs were. She needed a drink of milk for a little liquid courage before we started.

“But see honey,” I said, “you have a rat tail in the back and that is just not nearly as adorable as you think it is. It is time to get rid of it.”

Snip, Snip

“Mom! You cut it all off!!!” she thinks as she plays with the tiny piles of hair on the table afterwards.

I really only trimmed the (rat tail) back and the tiny fine little baby hairs that are always tangled and make her head look all fuzzy.

And even though it was still a bit wet in these pictures, the trim gives her beautiful curls a little more life, thickness, and bounce.

Although, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m dreaming of the day I’ll see bouncy spiral curls cascading down her back, just like I had when I was younger.

And then of course I took a little locket of hair and placed it in an envelope, dated with marked it Evie’s First Hair Cut.  I have to have something to put in the baby book after all.

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  1. Too sweet!

    We do go to Great Clips and it is WORTH it. Now, Anjali insists on getting her hair cut. So different than her brother, that is for damned sure.

  2. Jenny Bean Jenny Bean

    She looks adorable! I remember those strange lingering baby hairs… I used cut Paige’s hair myself too- toddler hair is so forgiving :0)

  3. B B

    She looks great! Good work figuring out that it was time to cut her hair. Those long strands in the back were fairly amazing in the before picture.

  4. I love those curls! Yay for the first haircut!

  5. you did a fabulous job! I’ve never DARED! I know i’d screw it up!

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