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Seriously, Where Did December Go?!?

So, I’m throwing up a few cute kid pics to distract from the fact that I haven’t really updated for most of the month of December.  Life got busy, ok?  To let you know just how busy it has been, I managed to lose about 8 pounds without even trying.  Between the crazy cleaning and prettying up my house in anticipation of the in-laws’ arrival and just not taking the time to eat, I guess my body used up some extra energy.  This also tells me that I should really spend less time sitting…next year.

So, on to the pictures.  Most of these were from my nephew Ryan’s 5th birthday party (and I’m still trying to deny that he’s 5, because that means Zach will be 5 in just a few short months!).

IMG_0354After their first trip to Build-A-Bear

Quite possibly my favorite pic of him everThe cutest pouty face ever

IMG_0277She was having fun!

IMG_0262Caitlin was scared at first, but then decided it wasn’t so bad

IMG_01545 Year old Ryan!

IMG_0011Cheesin’ with Daddy

This one isn’t of kids, but it is a great pic of my dad and Debie so I thought I’d share it anyway!

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