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I ♥ Faces – My Favorite Things

It’s another break week over at I ♥ Faces so this week participants are posting photos of their favorite things. I thought this would be an easy subject, but I had a really hard time narrowing it down. Plus, I left off two of my most used favorite things – my laptop and my iPhone! Oh well, here are the rest..

My goofy son, who makes me laugh every single day.


My daughter, who changed me in ways I never would have expected.

IMG_1954 edited

My husband, who loves me unconditionally and gave me the two greatest gifts ever.

Sugarland Concert 5/29/09

Making things with my hands, whether it be knitting, crocheting, sewing, or anything else.  This top I made for my daughter is one of my all-time favorites.

Roselette Top

My camera.  She needs an upgrade, but has filled me with the desire to learn more about photography.

Camera Strap Cover

Lazy weekends at the lake with my family.


Live music.

Sugarland Concert 5/29/09

And, last but not least…..margaritas!

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  1. Your list of favorite things is just perfect! I love your camera strap! So cool : ) I also love your kids pictures. Your daughter looks JUST like you : ) A tiny you! And she is so cute! What a fun post!

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