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Costume Preview

Once again I’m home with sick kids. I took both of them to the doctor yesterday morning. Evie tested positive for Strep and according to the doc probably has some variant of the Hand, Foot, and Mouth virus. Zach tested negative for Strep, but had a very red throat and the doc expected his culture to come back positive so she decided to put both of them on antibiotics just in case.

Since they have to be on the antibiotics and fever free for 24 hours before returning to day care, we had another day at home today. I decided to take advantage of the time at home and dress the kids up in their costumes for a little photo shoot.

Evie wasn’t exactly cooperative, but Zach got pretty into it. He had fun posing like Woody and even did a “rag doll” shot with his head hanging down. Unfortunately, my lighting wasn’t as good as it should have been and I forgot to change a couple of settings on my camera so there is some pretty heavy editing. I’m pretty happy with them overall and the session taught me a few things as well.

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  1. They look so cute, and you can tell that Zach’s really enjoying the shoot! It’s awesome that he’s doing Woody this year, wasn’t he Buzz before too?:)

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