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Cincesses All Around

It took me a couple days after we got Evie’s new Princess bedding to actually get it on her bed.  With her allergies and sensitive skin, everything has to be washed before she can touch it.  I snuck back and put it on the bed while she was playing and surprised her with it at bed time.  She was SO excited to have her “Cincesses” in her bed!

Checking out her new Princess bedding
First, she stopped to check them out.
Let me show you how to get into this thing
Then she decided she better climb in for a closer look.
Climbing up...
She refuses to climb up at the end of the bed where there is no guard rail, instead preferring to climb over it.
...and flipping over
Then she dives in. She does this every night…over and over again…while she laughs like crazy. Apparently it’s fun to bounce on your head.
Look at all the princesses!
I think she likes it!

Perhaps I should enroll her in gymnastics?!?

I’ve been feeling the urge to knit again. Check out my latest project goals over at Getting Crafty!

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  1. I agree, she does look like she likes it. 🙂

  2. B B

    Aww…you make me really want a girl! I love seeing Evie in her cute pajamas and princess bed 🙂

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