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Are You Getting Excited?

I am getting so pumped up for the May 2nd release of Pearl Jam’s new album. It has been a while since I really got anxious for a cd release.  My music tastes tend to change frequently, week to week, day to day, or sometimes even by the hour, but one band that I never get tired of is Pearl Jam.

When I first heard the new single, Worldwide Suicide, I had a hard time listening to the lyrics because of what had just recently happened.  The line "Could not stop staring at the Face I’d never see again" haunted me for several days.  Now that some time has gone by and I have listened to the song many more times, hearing the word "suicide" doesn’t bother me quite as much.  I can now appreciate it for what it is, a kick-ass new PJ song.  A friend also e-mailed me the track "Unemployable" which I totally dig. 

I am now totally jealous of that friend because he is going all the way to New York to see a PJ show in June and I’ll be sitting at home just wishing I was there.  I keep remembering how much fun I had on the road trip to Knoxville to see PJ when I was in college.  It doesn’t get much better than 4 friends trecking across the country to see their favorite band.  Perhaps someday I’ll share that story (and maybe even scan some pictures), but it was one of the most fun trips I have ever taken.

Those kind of road trips are now pretty much out of the question being that I have a husband who is *gasp!* not a PJ fan (I try to keep that on the down low as much as possible) and a baby to take care of.  Hubby has been informed however, that I will be going to the KC show with or without him, assuming that they do in fact come to KC and that it is not during the time that we will be out of town.

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  1. My hubby is a HUGE PJ fan. He went to their concert in Vancouver a few months ago. I like them but not enough to be trampled at a concert.
    You PJ fans are all hardcore, I’ve realized.

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