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I'm Only Blue When The Sox Aren't In Town

After all the posting I did last week, I’m not feeling too wordy but I am feeling the pressure to get something new up here. I was playing around with making collages a few days ago to enter in the iheartfaces challenge this week, but never was satisfied enough with any of them to actually use them. However, you all get to see one of my masterpieces now.

These are some of the pics I took at the Red Sox/Royals game we went to a couple weeks ago. After checking out the ticket prices, we opted to leave Evie with my sister (way beyond the freebie height cut-off now) and just take Zach to the game. I think he enjoyed the Mommy/Daddy time without his annoying little sister around to steal the show. Well, that and the peanuts, snow cone, and nachos! Now, if I could just get convince him to cheer for the right team…

Red Sox v. Royals

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Back On Schedule

Tomorrow morning I have to drag myself out of bed at 6:30 a.m. again. I have to do the morning rush again. I have to drag the kids out of bed, get them dressed, fed, and out the door. I have to drop Zach off at preschool, Evie at day care, and get myself to work for the first time since my surgery a week and a half ago. I have to rejoin the real world and I’m not looking forward to it one bit.

My body is healing and I’m definitely feeling much better, though I’m not too sure how it’s going to feel to sit up at a desk all day tomorrow. My energy is back to a pretty normal level finally, though that is with getting to sleep in nearly every day. My incisions are still a bit sore, but that I can handle.

I have pushed myself just a little harder than I probably should have, but there were a couple things I didn’t want to miss out on, like watching the Red Sox beat the Royals at the newly renovated Kauffman stadium. I wasn’t about to let one little surgery keep me from catching the Sox this year!


We celebrated Hubby’s 33rd birthday on Thursday with a delicious dinner my mother-in-law made. The kids helped Daddy blow out the candles on his cake and for once I didn’t have a camera in my hands. Oops.


Then on Saturday we took Granny and Papa to Deanna Rose Farmstead. The kids always love going there and it was a beautiful day. Plus, I wanted to play with my new camera lenses a bit. Zach was brave enough for the pony ride this time without getting scared.


All in all it was a really nice week. If it wouldn’t have been for that whole surgery thing, the last week would have been a really nice vacation!


I can’t thank my in-laws enough for all the help they’ve given us in the last couple of weeks. They’ve read books, changed diapers, given baths, fixed meals, kept up with the laundry, and even helped take the dogs out. I know my recovery would have been a lot harder without them here and I’m a little sad to see them head back home in the morning.

But, back to the grind it is. It all starts in about 8 1/2 hours.

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