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Faith In Action Weekend


I’ve been meaning to write about the experience we had last weekend, but with the crazy busy week we had I never really got a chance to. So, here it is…a week later.

Instead of heading to church for our normal services last Sunday, we headed out to put our “Faith In Action” along with nearly 70 other members of our new church. We met up at Platte Woods church, where they already had many people working hard to pack meal packets that would be shipped to Haiti to help those who are in dire need of a healthy meal.


Not only did the adults get in on the action, but we had kids as young as two years old by our sides as we worked. (Evie did go to child care, but Zach helped out as long as I could hold his interest). We scooped rice, beans, and protein powder into plastic bags, weighed, and sealed the packs. Then they were packed into boxes and prepared for shipment.

Our combined efforts packed 300,000 meal packets, containing six servings each for the people of Haiti. In the process, my son got to learn a nice lesson about the world and what it feels like to help people who may be a little less fortunate than ourselves.


After we were finished, we took the kids to the park for doing such a great job. I was so proud of them for helping and being a part of this great experience.

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