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Is your current computer stalling and giving you blue screen nightmares?  Would you love to be able to have one that the kids could use (alas, staying off of yours)? feels your pain and has come to your rescue!  Sign up to recieve the Cookies Kids Newsletter via e-mail and you’re automatically entered to win one of 4 brand new laptops!!

Simply fill out this form to be entered into our Laptop Giveaway Sweepstakes.  Please be sure to read the Giveaway Sweepstakes “Terms and Conditions” before entering your information.

Contest ends 9/30/09 at 11:59 AM ET.  This contest brought to you courtesy of the Momfluence network.

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Give Us Your Conference Call Blooper and Win an iPhone 3G from Packetel!

Have you ever said the wrong thing to a client?  Have you ever been caught not paying attention on the line?  Have your kids screamed something crazy during a call…

If so – Packetel wants to hear about it!

If not – try out Packetel’s Web Conferencing services FREE for 30-days and tell us about your experience!

Packetel Turbo Meeting makes web conferencing simple and easy to do.  Here are just a few of their web conferencing features:

  • Share screens/desktops with multiple participants
  • Assign and acknowledge meeting roles of presenter and controller of keyboard/mouse
  • Allow an unlimited number of users to host a web conference
  • Schedule meetings and webinars
  • Hold ad hoc meetings and webinars and use verbal meeting invitations without resorting to e-mail
  • Integrate with Outlook for sending e-mail invitations
  • Optimized for different internet connection speeds ranging from broadband to 28KB dial-up
  • Annotation over the entire screen/desktop
  • Whiteboard and chat functionalities
  • Win an iPhone for my misdeed on a conference call? Yes! Here’s how you can win:

    1. Fill out the form below, including your blooper story
    2. Try out Packetel’s Web Conferencing Service for FREE for 30 days, fill out the form including your experience with the server

    Entry form:

    Bonus Entries! After you’ve completed 1 or 2 above and filled out the form you can also…
    – Blog about Packetel’s Online Fax Service and link the text “packetel’s web conference service” to:\
    – Become a Fan of Packetel at their Brand New Facebook Fan Page here:

    Contest ends 7/31/09 at 11:59 AM ET.  This contest brought to you courtesy of the Momfluence network.

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    Win an iPhone 3GS with #HouseofGems!

    Millions of people around the world use Twitter daily to connect, network, work and play.

    Starting this Monday, just a tweet on Twitter could win you an iPhone 3GS.

    iphoneAnyone on Twitter who tweets with the hashtag #HouseofGems between 12:00 noon eastern Monday, June 22nd and noon eastern Saturday, June 27th will be entered to win an iPhone 3GS! U.S. residents 18 years and older are eligible. The winner will be announced during the #houseofgems SiteWarming party Saturday, June 27th at 9 p.m. eastern.

    Good luck!
    This contest is sponsored by House of Gems and brought to you by Momfluence.
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    Poken This, Poken That

    This contest has ended.

    I’ve been hearing the word “Poken” thrown around quite a bit lately on Twitter and like any good gadget geek does, I immediately had to look it up and see what all the fuss was about.  So what is a Poken?  Possibly the best way to connect with people across multiple social networks!

    A Poken is like a tiny digital business card that instantly transfers all of your social network information to people you meet in the real world.  All you have to do is allow your two Pokens to shake hands and transfer info.  When you activate your Poken, you can choose which of your social networking information you want to share.  Your friends can then view your Poken card when they plug their Poken into the USB port on their computer.

    The geek in me is dying to get my hands on one of these!  I can’t even imagine how valuable these would be at a big blogging conference (BlogHer anyone?) or even at a local Tweetup.  Much easier than passing around business cards, not to mention the fact that it would save on the time, effort, and money of having cards printed.

    Thanks to Jessica Smith of Jessica Knows and Got Poken and the Momfluence Network, you have a chance to win a Poken of your very own!  It is very easy to enter.  All you have to do is follow the two steps below:

    1. Leave a comment telling me why you want a Poken and/or where you would use it.
    2. Fill out the contest form with your info.

    That’s it!  Easy, right?  If by some chance you don’t win and still want to get Poken, you can always head over to Got Poken and pick one up for $20.  You just know all the cool kids will have them.

    This contest is open to all U.S. residents. The contest runs from midnight March 22, 2009 to midnight March 29th, 2009.

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