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Evie – 16 1/2 Months


Dear Evie,

I’ve missed two months now of these “monthly” letters and I really have no excuse other than that I just can’t seem to find the words to describe you these days.  You are beautiful and charming.  You are so full of life and attitude.  One minute you have me in tears laughing so hard and the next minute all you want to do is snuggle up on my lap like we did for hours at a time when you were an infant.  You make my heart swell and hurt in such a good way.

You are growing up so dang fast.  Some days it seems like you are one going on fifteen.  You still let me pick your clothes out in the morning, but heaven help me if I try to put the wrong pair of shoes on you.  You will kick and scream and fight until I give up and let you choose the ones you want.  As long as something is covering your feet it doesn’t really matter much though.  You just love your shoes and even though you can’t manage to put your own shoes on yet, I keep finding you walking around in your brother’s.  I’ve also found you walking around trying to wear a t-shirt as pants because you are trying to dress yourself already.  There were even a few days when I had to laugh because you started asking for a “bow” in your hair every night before bed and refused to lay down until you had one.  It seems I may have a little miniature diva on my hands.

You talk all the time now.  You can still only say one or two words at a time, but girl you have a lot of words for your age.  Your favorite word? Shoes. (You may have to get a job when you’re 3 to keep up with your shoe habit.)  I can’t possibly list all of the words you say, but the most common are: shoes, mommy, mama, daddy, zach, bubba, bopbop, cat, bye bye, more, night night, outside, belly (while you lift your shirt to show it off), hello, hi, ball, baby, bath, potty, yes, no, and cup.  I know I’m forgetting some because you’re always spouting off new words.  You try to repeat pretty much anything we say, even if you can’t get the sounds quite right.

You are getting more and more social all the time.  You love your friends at day care and your cousins, but you love your big brother even more.  You want to play with him all the time, which means I hear a lot of “No Sis!” coming from the playroom and living room when you start messing with his toys.  Most of the time he ends up giving up the toys and playing with you instead.  When he does pay attention to you the two of you giggle like crazy and it is the best sound in the world.

It’s been fun watching you develop your motor skills lately as well.  You’ve been walking since just after your first birthday, but now you love to dance as well.  In the last week or so, I’ve noticed you trying to jump.  Every kid does it, but I think it is the cutest thing when you try to jump and your feet don’t leave the ground.  You are so proud of yourself every time even though you aren’t going anywhere.  Your fine motor skills are improving as well.  You have started picking up crayons and coloring and you are doing much better feeding yourself with a fork and spoon.

Along with all of the growing, you’ve been cutting teeth like crazy.  You cut all four of your 1st year molars and all four incisors within a few weeks of each other.  In between cutting all of those teeth, you somehow got a bacterial infection in your skin, got a cold, and a horrible sinus infection that caused a week long fever.  You were a pretty miserable girl for a couple weeks, but once we got through the antibiotics you were back to your normal goofy self.

Baby girl, you are just so much fun.  You are so lively and funny and just perfect in every way (except for maybe your sudden obsession with princesses).  I can spend hours just tickling you and giving you zerberts on your belly and you never get tired of it.  You just ask for “more” and lift your shirt to show me your belly.  You bring so much joy and love to our family.  I can’t imagine a more perfect fit.  I love you, my little monkey!

Love always,

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11 Months

Dear Evie,

Today you are eleven months old.  As I make plans for your first birthday next month, I still can’t believe that so much time has passed.  You are turning into a toddler before my eyes and all I want to do is make you slow down.  As I celebrate each new accomplishment, I mourn the babyhood that you are leaving behind.


Each day it seems that you pop out a new word. I don’t always understand what you are saying, but you are saying a lot. You tell everyone “hi” with your sweet little voice either in greeting or sometimes just to get our attention. You call the dogs “bubba” and “bop bop”, our nicknames for them. I think you are also trying to say “brother” and you attempt to repeat much of what we say to you as well. The best part though, is when you sing with me. I love when you bust out with the “yayayayayaya” in the car as we drive home in the evenings.


You’re getting more mobile, even though you don’t seem to have much desire to walk yet (you crawl faster than I can walk anyway). You stand up and walk along the furniture quite a lot, and have even been seen letting go from time to time. I caught you standing in your crib one day with hands up in the air not touching a single thing. However, as soon as we try to stand you up to walk, your legs collapse as if they’re made out of jello. I know you’ll do it when you’re ready, but for some reason I’m just anxious to see those first few steps.


You’ve also been really starting to notice people around you more. You are starting to enjoy playing with (or at least next to) others. When your brother is around you always want to be right next to him and usually want whatever toy he happens to have in his hand at the time. That doesn’t always go over so well, but he is starting to get used to it and is learning to be a little more patient with you.


You also are figuring out cause/effect. For instance, when you push the buttons on the TV and turn it off you get a very big reaction. You think it is the funniest thing in the world, but daddy sure doesn’t. Even Zach has learned to tell you “No-No!” when you get near those fun little buttons. Today he picked you up and moved you away from the TV when you were about to go for a second round. You loved it when your brother lifted you up and you had a huge grin on your face.

Evie vs. The Sucker

A few weeks ago you got very sick. It all started with a cold. Then you got a stomach virus and the cold turned into a bad double ear infection. Amazingly it was your first ear infection ever. We spent days cuddling on the couch together while your body tried to heal itself. Even though I hated it that you were so miserable I couldn’t help but enjoy the cuddles. You are such a snuggler and it really comes out when you don’t feel well.

Giving Kisses

Next to your snuggles, I think the sweetest thing you do is when you give kisses. You either smack your lips together like you are blowing kisses or you just dive (open-mouthed) toward my face and plant one on me. I wish I could say I was the only one on the receiving end of that special token of love but you are quite generous with your slobbery kisses (just ask your brother!).

Look at Those Teeth!

Baby girl, I don’t think I could ever tell you just how much you bring to my life. The love, the joy, the laughter that is now part of my every day life is so far beyond what I ever thought was possible. Watching you and your brother together makes my heart melt into a big puddle. No matter what the day brings my way, knowing that I get to come home and be with this family that your dad and I have created makes it all worth it.

Love always,

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Just Another Day in Paradise

apr_08 120

I’ve been trying all day to come up with something to write about besides the baby because I’m sure you all must be tired of that topic by now, right? The problem is, she’s about all I can think of right now. When you spend all day catering to the demands of a two week old baby, that’s pretty much all you can focus on.

I am slowly getting a few things done around the house. Evie sleeps for a good stretch in the mornings, so in between taking Zach to school and lunch time I generally have a few hours to work on whatever my project of the day is. Today I finally managed to get my bills paid. It actually took me three days to finish that project.

Once Evie wakes up from her morning nap, I don’t accomplish much. By the time I feed her, feed myself, take a much needed bathroom break, and maybe check my e-mail, it is time to feed her again. That feeding is the one where I usually fall asleep and then end up napping the rest of the afternoon. Apparently the sleep deprivation is catching up with me because I simply cannot stay awake in the afternoons. I’m not sure how I’m going to manage when I have to go back to work and actually think in the afternoon.

Before I fell asleep today, I decided to take advantage of the nice sunny day we are (finally!) having. No, we didn’t go outside at all. Instead, I raised all the blinds in my living room and took even more pictures of Evie. No one can ever say this child’s first few weeks weren’t documented well. The lighting was great and I finally had a chance to play around a bit with the settings on my camera. I ended up taking about 60 shots, but many of them were very similar. Sleeping babies just don’t move a whole lot. I did end up with several that I just love though.

This weekend is going to be a busy one for us. My in-laws are coming up Sunday to meet their granddaughter and spend a week or so with us so that means I’ve got massive cleaning to do. Plus, I have another baby shower to attend after church on Sunday and I still need to go shopping for a gift. And of course, on top of all that, I have to feed and change a baby about every two hours. It is amazing how much time that takes up.

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