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Stride Rite First Steps Giveaway

There’s nothing like seeing your baby’s first few wobbly steps.  They work so hard to get across such a short distance, only to end up falling to the floor.

With my son, I remember spending hours trying to get him to walk between his daddy and me.  To him, it was just a fun game, but to me, it was watching my baby turn into a toddler.

My daughter preferred to do it on her own.  She took her first steps at day care holding onto a rolling toy.  By the time we got home that night, she was practically running across the room holding onto her toy.

When my kids were learning to walk, everything I read said not to put them in shoes, and if you must then to make sure they were soft soled shoes. Regardless of what the “experts” said, I felt like my kids needed to be in shoes. I only wish they could have had a pair of Stride Rite’s new Sensory Response Technology™ (SRT) shoes! Not only do the SRT shoes allow babies to feel and grip the surface beneath them, they also help to distribute their weight properly to keep their balance.

The best part of the Stride Rite SRT collection is all of the adorable styles! The fall collection has four great styles for boys and seven for girls in sizes 3-8, with various widths for the perfect fit. Additional styles will be released in the Spring, but I’m already having trouble choosing which ones I like the best! You can take a look at all of the available styles on Stride Rite’s Facebook page.

So, why am I telling you all of this? Because you have a chance to win one of five pairs of SRT shoes courtesy of Stride Rite and the Momfluence network!

5 winners will be chosen to receive one pair of SRT shoes, available in sizes 3 to 8 infant/toddler (including medium and wide). Each pair is a retail value of $50. In order to enter, readers must fill out the following form:

This contest is open to legal U.S. residents 18 years or older. The giveaway begins at 12:00 a.m. ET September 14th and ends at 11:59 p.m. ET September 28th. Five winners will be chosen to receive a pair of SRT shoes – toddler size only ($50 RV per pair).

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Promote Yourself With 500 Free Business Cards

DR_LogoI was so excited when I got to give away 250 Custom Greeting Cards from earlier this week, but thanks to my awesome blog sponsor,, I now have another incredible giveaway from Digital Room!  How would you like to win 500 free business cards to help promote your business?

There is no better way to share your information than on a greatly designed business card.  Business cards are so versatile.  Not only do they include all of your important contact information, they can also be a great way to showcase your work if you are in a design related business.  Plus, they are small enough to keep a few in your pocket or purse at all times.  You never know when you might meet a prospective client!

Don’t have a need for business cards?  There are tons of other uses!  You can use them to pass on your phone number at playdates or school functions, to promote your web site or blog, or even as gift tags.  With all of the great business card sizes available, surely you can think of some way to use these!  I personally love the die-cut business cards and am dreaming up some fun designs using the different shapes.

The Digital Room website allows you to easily design your own cards, use a pre-made template on the site, or download their easy to use templates to create your own original design.  And the best part?  They’ll send you a free proof before you pay to make sure you are getting exactly what you want.

Can you tell I’m excited about this giveaway?  Okay, here are the details:


500 Business Cards

Choose size: 2×3.5”, 2×3”, 2×2″;

Choose paper: 14pt cardstock (matte or gloss coating) & 13 pt cardstock uncoated

Choose Color: (4/4) Color both sides; (4/1) Color 1 side , B/W backside; (4/0) Color 1 side, black backside

Shipping must be paid by Winner. Offer Valid for UNITED STATES SHIPPING ONLY.

How To Enter:
Leave a comment below telling me how you will use your 500 business cards from Digital Room. Make sure to leave a valid e-mail address where you may be contacted if chosen as the winner.

Contest will remain open until September 10, 2009 at Noon (Central time). Two winners will be chosen at that time by random number generator at Winners will be posted here and also notified by e-mail.

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Is your current computer stalling and giving you blue screen nightmares?  Would you love to be able to have one that the kids could use (alas, staying off of yours)? feels your pain and has come to your rescue!  Sign up to recieve the Cookies Kids Newsletter via e-mail and you’re automatically entered to win one of 4 brand new laptops!!

Simply fill out this form to be entered into our Laptop Giveaway Sweepstakes.  Please be sure to read the Giveaway Sweepstakes “Terms and Conditions” before entering your information.

Contest ends 9/30/09 at 11:59 AM ET.  This contest brought to you courtesy of the Momfluence network.

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Give Us Your Conference Call Blooper and Win an iPhone 3G from Packetel!

Have you ever said the wrong thing to a client?  Have you ever been caught not paying attention on the line?  Have your kids screamed something crazy during a call…

If so – Packetel wants to hear about it!

If not – try out Packetel’s Web Conferencing services FREE for 30-days and tell us about your experience!

Packetel Turbo Meeting makes web conferencing simple and easy to do.  Here are just a few of their web conferencing features:

  • Share screens/desktops with multiple participants
  • Assign and acknowledge meeting roles of presenter and controller of keyboard/mouse
  • Allow an unlimited number of users to host a web conference
  • Schedule meetings and webinars
  • Hold ad hoc meetings and webinars and use verbal meeting invitations without resorting to e-mail
  • Integrate with Outlook for sending e-mail invitations
  • Optimized for different internet connection speeds ranging from broadband to 28KB dial-up
  • Annotation over the entire screen/desktop
  • Whiteboard and chat functionalities
  • Win an iPhone for my misdeed on a conference call? Yes! Here’s how you can win:

    1. Fill out the form below, including your blooper story
    2. Try out Packetel’s Web Conferencing Service for FREE for 30 days, fill out the form including your experience with the server

    Entry form:

    Bonus Entries! After you’ve completed 1 or 2 above and filled out the form you can also…
    – Blog about Packetel’s Online Fax Service and link the text “packetel’s web conference service” to:\
    – Become a Fan of Packetel at their Brand New Facebook Fan Page here:

    Contest ends 7/31/09 at 11:59 AM ET.  This contest brought to you courtesy of the Momfluence network.

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    My Secret Circle – Review and Giveaway

    secret_circleMy Secret Circle, a new social networking world for girls, was created with internet safety in mind. The only way to access this secret world is with a USB access key.  Once you have the access key, you can set up your profile and initiate a unique charm code to print out exchange with your friends.  With the charm code you give them and an access key of their own, your friends can communicate with you in your very own secret online world.

    My Secret Circle is targeted to girls ages 8-12 who want to communicate with their real friends online but who may not have the judgement to stay away from many online dangers.  The access key contains an embedded code that brings up the private My Secret Circle browser without the need for credit cards, logins, or personal information.

    Senario sent me a BFF pack of My Secret Circle, which includes two online access keys, to review.  After reading about this product I was really excited to try it out.  I wish I had an 8-year-old girl around to help me test it, but instead I just had to pretend (which really wasn’t so hard because I watch a LOT of Hannah Montana).

    With all of my excitement to get started, I went to tear into the package – which of course was plastic and rather difficult to get into.  Once I cut through the first layer of plastic, there was another layer to cut through before I could get to my access key.  I finally got my access key out and plugged it into my USB port on my computer.  It started loading up right away, but then told me I needed to restart my computer and update my Flash player.  Once all of that was done, My Secret Circle was up and running.  I would definitely recommend parental supervision to get going the first time, but after that it was a snap.

    When My Secret Circle starts up, it asks you to create a password and then prompts you to write it down on your instruction manual so you don’t lose it.  Then it takes you to the Options page where you can use the Diva Designer to create your avatar using different hair styles, props, clothing, etc.  You can also fill in your name and other information such as your favorite TV show, movie, and such.

    From there, you can click to go to your journal, im, photos, games, or chat.  You can also go to your “All About Me” page by clicking in the upper left-hand corner to see your recent activity and your friends’ activity.  The chat section requires the use of the My Secret Circle voice-chat headset, but all of the other options were available.

    One of the features I really liked was that when you save a journal entry it asks you if you would like that entry to be public or private.  I thought this was great because every tween girl has a few secrets she doesn’t want to share with even her closest friends.  The private feature allows them to have a place ot write down their secrets without anyone else having access to it.

    My biggest disapointment was that I couldn’t get any photos to upload.  I tried several different photos, including different sizes, and could not get any of them to work.  Once photos are uploaded, you are supposed to be able to create albums and slideshows, add text and graphics, use them in your journal entries, and use them for some of the games.  I really hope that this was just a fluke because I think the photo features would make the whole thing a lot more fun.

    Overall, I think this is a great product.  I think the BFF pack would be a perfect birthday present for a tween girl.  Aside from the problem with uploading photos, this seems like a really fun place for girls to hang out with their friends.  I like that it is a one-time purchase with no online subscription fees.  I think it a great way for kids to share photos and other information securely without the wrong person intercepting it.  I would feel very safe letting my kids communicate with their friends on My Secret Circle (when they’re a little bit older anyway).

    Do you know any tween girls that would love to get online and hang out with their friends?  I hope so because the lovely people at Scenario are letting me give one My Secret Circle online access key (a $19.99 value) out to one of my lucky readers!  Enter to win by completing one or all of the steps below:

    1. Leave a comment on this post telling me who you would give the My Secret Circle access key to if you win.
    2. Tweet about the giveaway on Twitter and leave a link to that tweet in a comment on this post.
    3. Subscribe via e-mail or RSS feed and leave a comment on this post saying you did so.

    You MUST leave a comment for each contest entry, otherwise it will be disqualified.  Any entries that do not meet the qualifications above will be deleted prior to choosing a winner.  Entries will close at 10:00 p.m. Central on Monday, July 20, 2009.  Winner will be chosen via based on the total number of entries and will be notified by e-mail.

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    Win an iPhone 3GS with #HouseofGems!

    Millions of people around the world use Twitter daily to connect, network, work and play.

    Starting this Monday, just a tweet on Twitter could win you an iPhone 3GS.

    iphoneAnyone on Twitter who tweets with the hashtag #HouseofGems between 12:00 noon eastern Monday, June 22nd and noon eastern Saturday, June 27th will be entered to win an iPhone 3GS! U.S. residents 18 years and older are eligible. The winner will be announced during the #houseofgems SiteWarming party Saturday, June 27th at 9 p.m. eastern.

    Good luck!
    This contest is sponsored by House of Gems and brought to you by Momfluence.
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