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A Girl and Her Cat


During my last year of college I worked at a group home for developmentally disabled adults.  While there were no pets allowed in the house, there were two cats that sort of adopted the porch.  Eventually these two cats had a litter of kittens.  They were the most beautiful kittens I had ever seen and the first I had ever seen only hours after they were born.  There were only three in the litter and I had plans to keep two of them – one for me and one for my mom.  A co-worker was going to keep the third one.

The momma cat eventually started weaning the kittens and we decided it was about time for them to be taken to their respective homes.  I was heading home that weekend, so I had planned to take my two little furballs with me.  Unfortunately, either the momma cat or the baby kittens had other plans.  They disappeared the day before I was supposed to take them home.  We have no idea where they went.  They were just gone and I was devastated.

Not long after that, a co-worker and I were taking a group on an outing.  We had the van loaded up and just as we started pulling out of the driveway, we saw this little puff of white moving around in the grass.  We got out of the van to check it out and there stood the cutest little Siamese kitten.  I’ve always had a thing for Siamese cats and this little guy was just too cute.  He came right up to me and snuggled up in my arms.  My co-worker convinced me that it was a sign and that I should take him home.

That night he was officially named Pedro (anyone want to guess where that came from?) and he’s been with me ever since.  He was my “baby” before I ever had any human babies of my own and he has certainly seen me through some rough times in my life.  He always just seems to know when I’m feeling down and I’ve cried into his fur more times than I can count.

I guess that’s why it is so touching to me to see Evie really connecting to our animals, and especially to Pedro.  She absolutely loves Pedro.  If she spots him you can bet that she’s petting or hugging him.  She walks around asking “Where Pedro at?”  She loves him, just as I have for all these years.




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Best. Day. Ever.

Yesterday I took a personal day off of work.  The kids’ sitter took a vacation day so instead of stressing out trying to find someone to take her place, I just decided to ask for the day off and spend it with the kids.  I wanted to do something fun, just me and them.


We slept in, had a nice slow morning, then headed off to Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead a little after 10:00.  I went back and forth trying to decide what to do but finally decided on that because, well, it’s free.  I figured Evie would love the animals (she’s really into our dogs and cats right now) and Zach would love the playground.  I was a little nervous because I only took the single stroller, but Zach said he wanted to walk.


We had a great time walking around checking out all the animals.  Zach was a little bummed that I didn’t have change to buy food to feed the goats (though we remedied that later), but instantly cheered up when he remembered the barn with the slides.  I loved being able to let him play and not having to rush.  While he went down the slides over and over again, Evie wandered around checking out the geese, ducks, and rabbits.  She’s really starting to love being outside and it was fun watching her explore.


After that, we walked a bit more and decided to stop for some lunch.  The kids played at a toddler sized playground for a bit, then we did some more walking, checked out even more animals, until finally we stopped at the BIG playground and let the kids play until they were completely worn out and it was looking like we were going to get rained on.


Just before we left, Zach yelled out, “This is the BEST. DAY. EVER!!!”  I couldn’t have agreed with him more.  The weather was perfect.  The kids were extremely well behaved.  We all had a really great time together.  It was relaxing and exhausting all at the same time.  It was perfect.


And, to top it all off, we stopped at Target on the way home for a few things and just happened to find a toy that Zach had been promised over a month ago (that we hadn’t been able to find in stock anywhere).  He was over the moon excited.


I just wish we could have days like that every day.

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They Know Something's Up

Puppy Love

One of the things that surprises me about pregnancy is how my animals react. Probably before I even realized it myself, they seemed to know I was pregnant. In our house, the animals outnumber the humans (for now anyway). We have two dogs and two cats, all of which I love dearly (although I hate the way they make my house smell). They all have very different personalities, which can be quite entertaining some days.

The thing that gets me the most though, is that when I am pregnant, they all want to be near me. It is almost as if they are trying to protect me and the baby growing in my stomach. Every time I sit down, I can guarantee that within minutes I’ll have at least one or more of the animals trying to sit on my lap. There have been times lately when I’ve had all four of them surrounding me, including the cat who rarely shows her face unless there is food around. Sometimes it gets a little annoying, but most of the time I don’t mind. I suppose they are just trying to be good caretakers.

30 Days of ThanksToday I am thankful for those little moments in life that make all the bad moments worth living through.  Sunday morning Zach was in bed with Hubby and I.  He was just beginning to stir and was snuggled up next to me.  He looked up with his sleepy eyes and said, “Mommy, I want to feel tummy, baby in tummy.”  I helped him place his hand on my tummy in just the right spot and watched the smile spread over his face.  That moment has stayed with me for two days now and every time I think of it I can’t help but smile.

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