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Caffeine. The gateway drug.

This week at work has been frustrating.  No matter how well I plan out my day, I still can’t manage to get the things done that need to be done.  Part of that is procrastinating on my part.  Part of it is that other people have plans for my day that don’t include the plans I have made.  I’m getting frustrated both at myself and at everyone who is demanding that I do their work rather than my work.

Add this to the fact that I’m rather sleep deprived due to a certain little someone that has suddenly decided that he doesn’t want to sleep through the night and my frustration level escalates even higher.

In an effort to combat this frustration, I’ve been doping myself up on caffeine and chocolate, a deadly combination.  The liquid caffeine is in the form of calorie-free pop, but the Dove chocolates I have been inhaling are not so calorie-free and I can’t seem to keep my hands off of them.  I may need an intervention soon.

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