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Perfecting Her Growl

I finally was able to catch Evie working on her Growl last night. She was having a blast in the bath tub last night kicking and splashing around and started growling like crazy. As soon as I got her out I grabbed the camera to try to catch it on video. It cracks me up every time she does it!

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  1. I remember my kids going through the ‘growl stage’… I wonder what they are learning when they do that???
    Man, you’ve got one cute baby girl there…

  2. Oh yes, please let me know if that ‘free offer’ that you posted about previously actually works…
    I know people that would love to get a chunk of that.

  3. dee dee

    @jenny – I do have the download links and the software license, although I haven’t had a chance to install it yet. Hopefully I’ll get to do that soon so I can update!

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