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Um, I should have been a little clearer

Well I’m finally back.  I have lots to tell but I thought I better clear something up first.  That birthday post?  That wasn’t Zach.  That was my nephew that turned 2.  Zach still has a little over 6 months to go before he hits that age, which is good because I’m so not ready for 2 yet!  I apologize for not making that more clear.

I’m back at work today, with a toddler in tow because his day care had to unexpectedly close this morning.  I have a huge pile of mail, about a million e-mails, and so many blogs to read that my feed reader won’t even count them all.  It will only tell me that there are 100+.  Besides that I have about 7 days to finish up the year-end stuff here at work.  It’s going to be very busy around these parts for the next couple weeks.

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  1. Cutter Cutter

    I thought time had REALLY flown!


  2. Wow! They look a lot alike don’t they!!

  3. yipes! good luck getting all the work done. put the blogs off for a while and sit down for a few hours this weekend to binge. that’s what i do when i’m hellishly busy. 😛

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