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  • I got my first call from the school nurse today.  Zach told me this morning that his throat hurt so I told him that if he was feeling bad later today today to tell his teacher and she would send him to the nurse.  Mid-morning I got the call saying he was asking to come home.  No fever, so I’m making him tough it out.  I kind of feel like a mean mom for doing so though.  Just watch him come home with Strep.
  • Tonight I am attending my first ever photography seminar.  Even though some of the info may not be relevant to me at this point, I’m hoping to come away with some good information and ideas.  If nothing else, the “goodies” being handed out more than make up for the price of the seminar.  Now, if I can just sit still and stay awake through the whole thing I’ll be doing good.
  • I’ve started slowly working on my new site.  I’m combining some of my blogs, adding some new features, snazzing up my design, and trying to turn it into a place that will grow with me in the future.  I’m trying to take my time and do it right, not just throw something out there.  In the past, I’ve just thrown up a template and worked all the kinks out later.  This time I want to get it all worked out ahead of time.  For the first time ever, I wish I actually had the money to hire a design/development team.  I have so many ideas, but not enough time to figure them out on my own.  It may be a long time before I’m ready to reveal my new place.
  • Yesterday I managed to drop a Diet Coke directly onto my keyboard at work.  The keyboard is still working pretty wellllllllllllll except for the L key which keeps getting stuck.
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