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The kid loves the water

dylan_bday 296a, originally uploaded by deew27.

I finally finished uploading a few shots from my nephew’s birthday party on Saturday. For the second year in a row, he decided to have a swimming party at the Y. The kids all had a really great time and I even enjoyed myself a little more this year since I actually had a swimsuit that fit me and I could get in the water. Last year all I had was a maternity suit and a body that still looked a little bit pregnant but not pregnant enough to actually wear that suit.

Zach absolutely loves the water and had a great time “swimming” back and forth between me and his daddy. Towards the end of the hour long swim time, we got brave and took him on the big water slide with us. The child was absolutely ecstatic! He was very upset when it was time to go. Even after we had changed out of our suits and were on our way out the door he kept trying to run back to the locker room.

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