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The Haircut: Before and After



Crappy cell phone pictures aside, I kinda like it. It just feels better, ya know?

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  1. Amy Amy

    I think they are both adorable! But new one is pretty hip!!

  2. I wish I had curls! Love the new look – very hip and cool.

  3. dee dee

    Thank you everyone! I really appreciate the comments!

  4. Great new do! I love it! you are so lucky to have all that natural curl and body, I’m so jealous!

  5. B B

    I also love the new haircut!!! It’s incredibly cute and seems to suit you so well.

  6. Mom Mom

    My comment is the same it always is when you get your hair cut. Picture one: The first thing that comes to mind is “what beautiful curls/hair.” Picture two: The first think that jumps out at me is “what beautiful eyes, and beautiful smile.” I love them both, but I love it when your hair is short and the first thing one notices is those beautiful eyes of yours!!! Ok, Ok………….it’s a mom thing, what can I say?????

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