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Ten Minute Pump 'n' (Brain) Dump

Busy, busy, busy as usual so I’m using my 10 minute pumping break to do a brain dump as well.

The last few days have been nothing short of chaos in my house. Every day this week has seen me later and later to work, not only because my new haircut takes longer to fix in the mornings, but also because my kids and the Universe just don’t want me to get there on time.

This morning I fully intended to get up earlier so that I could get out the door on time. Then Evie woke up wanting to nurse right when I needed to get up. By the time she finished up I was 20 minutes late. Then I showered and got dressed only to discover that my favorite belt that I wear nearly every day was missing. I’m not sure if it sprouted legs and ran away or what, but was definitely missing. After a ten minute search I gave up thinking that I would just go without. Ten minutes later and I was back in my room searching because my pants were falling down. Finally found a substitute and started looking for shoes. Oh yeah, my favorite brown sandals busted while wearing them on Monday. Had to find substitute shoes too.

Once I was finally dressed, it was time to get the kids dressed. Guess what? The shirt I wanted Evie to wear? No where to be found. Finally, after digging through three laundry baskets I found it and got her dressed. Then I turn around and Zach (who was supposed to be getting dressed) is laying on the floor buck naked.

Get Zach dressed, take dogs outside, grab bottles, diaper bag, etc., and finally get in car at 8:34. Um, 8:00 is our goal leave time.

This has been our week. Every little thing seems to take way longer than it should.

That is why I’m kind of pondering how stable my mind was when I agreed to take the two kids BY MYSELF to the lake this weekend. Okay, so I won’t truly be by myself as my Dad, his wife, and my sister’s whole family will be there as well but not having Hubby’s extra two hands there to help is going to be difficult. It is amazing how much I rely on him these days.

I’m already kind of sad about leaving him behind. Not only because I’ll miss his help with the kids but because I’ll miss him. Well, that and I’m insanely jealous that he gets to stay home for three whole days without any kids. Do you know what I could accomplish with three whole days* to myself? A whole hellava lot, that’s what.

But I get three days at the lake to (sorta) relax with my beautiful kiddos and my family. Let’s just hope I’m a little more sane when I return.

*Yeah, right. Like I could actually leave my kids for 3 days? Not likely. I would die of sadness.

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  1. Danielle Danielle

    I can so relate to the late mornings! I have been having those for quite a while now! I get out of the house 10-20 minutes later than I want every day! 🙂 I get myself, my 2 yr old and my 3 yr old ready in the morning on my own and it’s tough! Did I mention we have one due in November? So I’m like totally tired all the time and the kids just don’t ever want to cooperate and really, where do the clothes go? I think they really must sprout legs and make a run from the craziness that is the household with children!

    Best of luck at the lake! Take advantage of the other family members and try to get some rest 🙂

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