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Rush, Rush

I swear I am not abandoning this blog.  My mind just tends to get bogged down when I have a lot going on in real life and things have been a little busy lately.  Here’s a really quick update so that I can get this stuff out of my head and move on.

Friday morning hubby surprised me with five beautiful roses.  He got up early and dropped them off at my office before I got to work so that they would be there when I arrived.  Several days later they are still looking just as nice.

After work on Friday, we dropped Zach off at Grandma’s house to spend the night.  He was pretty excited about spending some time with Grandma and didn’t even seem upset that we were leaving him there.  After that, we went out to dinner all by ourselves, then went home, snuggled on the couch, and watched a movie.

Saturday morning it was off to Rockfest.  We spent all day out in the sun rocking out to some excellent bands.  Godsmack was by far the best show of the day, but I was really impressed by some of the others as well.  I’m definitely a new fan of Operator.  They were quite impressive.

We showed up at Grandma’s house around 11:30 that night to get Zach and he was very happy to have Mommy and Daddy back.  He ended up in bed with us and spent the entire night with his arm wrapped around my neck.  It was very sweet, but slightly uncomfortable at the same time.  I didn’t mind too much though because I really missed him while he was at Grandma’s.

Sunday things were back to normal (if things are ever really normal).  We went to church, then to my Dad’s for lunch.  After that we headed home where Zach and I both ended up napping for a bit.  Then the weekend was suddenly over.  It always seems to go by too fast.

Now it is back to the weekly grind and I’m just waiting for the next weekend to arrive.  Somewhere along the way during that busy weekend I started feeling quite a bit better.  I’m still not quite 100 percent, but definitely much better than I was this time last week.

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