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Pawprints: The Latest Fashion Trend to Hit the KC Metro

The weather in KC has been a bit cooler and wetter (more wet?) recently.  I’m not complaining at all because it means that I can start digging out my fall clothing and Zach can finally wear those very cute painter’s jeans that I bought him at Old Navy.  What I don’t like is the wet grass and the mud in my yard that doesn’t quite dry out between rainfalls.  My reason for this is simple:  I don’t like to wear pawprints to work.

After my morning rush to get ready and get out the door, I glanced down to see that there was a little something on my khaki’s down around the ankle region.  Upon further inspection, I discovered that the something on my pants was a couple of perfect little puppy pawprints.  I noticed this as I was getting in the car.  It was too late to go back and change as I was already running a few mintues late and I had to be at day care by 7:45.  There would have been no point anyway as I didn’t have anything clean to change into. 

So, here I am at work, looking at my pawprinted pants.  I’m thinking Zoot’s idea of employer’s giving you Stained Clothing Days could have definitely applied in this case.  It’s not like anyone will really see the pawprints anyway because they are tucked away under my desk where no one would probably want to look anyway.  But, I really could have used a day off.

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