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Keep On Keepin' On

This has been a bit of a strange week. I haven’t had much time to write and I have a whole bunch of stuff to catch up on, so that means it is time for a list:

  • Zach is feeling much better. I’m pretty sure that his sickness was caused by the shots that he got at the doctor on Monday. He is still a bit congested but is pretty much back to being the smiley, happy boy that I’m used to.
  • I had a major bad mommy moment late Tuesday night. I let Zach sleep with me because he was crabby and fussy from being sick and I knew he would be up all night. When he is in bed with me, he lays his head on my arm and he is between my arm and my body. At about 1:30 I heard a weird noise and at the same exact instant I realized he was not in my arm anymore. Then came the screeching cry. Somehow, he had managed to roll over my arm and off the side of the bed. By the time I got him picked up (which was only a few seconds, but seemed like eternity) I was practically in tears. I could not believe that I had let my precious baby, who was already sick and not feeling too good, fall off of the bed. I was pretty sure at the time that I was the worst mommy in the whole world and that Zach would never forgive me for letting him fall. I have since been assured by several other moms that every baby falls off of something at some point and that he will not be permanently scarred. I still have yet to forgive myself though.
  • Tomorrow Zach gets to come to work with me (again) because his day care is closed for Veteran’s Day. That means I will get no work done, but I will be here and I get to spend another day with my boy. That will be three days this week that I get to have him. I am really enjoying it, but the piles of work on my desk are getting larger (so it makes a lot of sense that I’m writing this instead of working right now).
  • My boss’s grandmother passed away this week. It was his father’s (who also works in our office) mother. We are a pretty small group here so we closed the office this morning to attend the funeral. It was the first time that I have ever been to any kind of Jewish service. It was a little different than what I’m used to, but not really that unlike any other funeral I have attended.
  • My Dad and his wife bought a vacation house on the lake. They haven’t actually closed yet, but it will be happening very soon. I can’t wait to go down and see the place. They have shown us lots of pictures, but its just not the same as actually seeing it. The best part is that next summer if we just want to get away for a weekend we will have somewhere that we can go. They had already invited us down over Thanksgiving weekend, but then realized it won’t work because my nephew is having his birthday party that weekend. But, hopefully we’ll get to go down pretty soon.
  • Last, but not least, I’ve been putting off mentioning it on here but I figured this could be another way to help me stay accountable. Last week I officially went on a diet. I’m really determined this time to lose some weight so I decided that I would join Weight Watchers to help myself stick to it. I’m doing the online version, which I love so far. I started on November 1st and have already lost at least 7 pounds. It seems to be a pretty easy program for me to stick to. I committed myself to 3 months and if it is still working after that I will continue until I reach my goal. I have put on quite a bit over the last couple of years and (even before the baby) was really unhappy with myself. I’m hoping that losing the weight will help me to feel better about myself and give me a little more energy to chase after Zach once he becomes mobile. I’m really excited about it and am proud of myself for finally doing something that will make a positive change in my life.
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  1. Good For you on the WW thing! I’ve joined WW so many times i have lost count… but I lose weight everytime!!
    Try not to feel bad about Zach’s little fall… Nolan conks his head (his poor head) at least once a day. I’ve stopped sitting him on the couch because he just ends up on the floor in a lightning flash. Now that he’s trying to crawl, he’s smacking his head into the floor more times than I care to count. babies are so resiliant!

  2. good luck on losing weight! wow, losing 7 pounds in only a few days is such an accomplishment! keep it up! 🙂

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