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Just Good

I have so very little to say here these days. I think it is a mix of being completely busy, but also? Completely content. I am just so happy in this little life I have built for myself right now. That’s not to say that there isn’t room for improvement. There are plenty of things that could be better, but I think I’ve just come to accept those things for what they are. You know, if a million dollars suddenly fell into my lap I’d be thrilled, but I’m not going to sit around and be mad because there isn’t a money tree growing in my back yard. In the grand scheme of things, this life I’ve got is just pretty darn good.

Speaking of good, my newest little nephew, Carter, made his way into the world on September 13th. He’s such a sweet little guy and if I had it my way, I’d sit around snuggling on him every day. Evie would be happy to do the same. She absolutely loves her new little cousin!


My oldest nephew, Dylan, has been kicking some butt out on the football field with his 5th-6th grade team. I’ve managed to make it out to three of his games so far and they are so fun to watch. It throws me back to my jr. high and high school days when I really loved watching football. Of course, back then it might have been a little more about watching the hot boys in tight pants run around the field. It’s a little different now. Still, I’m so proud of him.


Everything else is just good right now. My belly is growing and I’m anxiously awaiting my gender ultrasound next month. I’m ready to start digging out either the girl stuff or the boy stuff. I’m only 18 weeks along, but I’m already starting to have the urge to get things ready. If it weren’t ridiculously early for it, I’d have the crib set up already. Unfortunately, I have a lot of re-organizing to do before I can get to that point.

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