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I need an intervention

Recently I have been adding a lot of new blogs to my blogroll (my personal bookmarks, not the list on this site cause I can’t seem to keep up with it).  The list has been growing so quickly that I can barely keep up with my daily reads anymore.  I have to make a choice every day which ones I am going to read and which ones I am going to skip.  That is a very difficult decision.

Finding new blogs has become an addiction with me.  I go to read my regulars and then I find links either in the posts or in the comments and I just can’t keep from clicking on them.  Sometimes I’m not real impressed with the content and click the little red x, but sometimes I get totally absorbed in the new site and add it to the blogroll.  That has been happening a lot lately.  And that is why my list is getting so long.  There are just way too many talented writers out there and I cannot say no.

Just a few weeks ago I went through and cleaned out my list.  There were a few that were no longer updating or that had simply lost my interest that I was able to remove.  The list was much shorter and much more manageable.  Then yesterday I started really looking at the list again and it is even longer now than it was before the clean-up.  Will somebody please send help?  This might explain why it has now taken me 10 months to read a real book (that I’m not quite finished with yet).

And, in other addiction news, I have found a new source to feed my music addiction.  It turns out that the new girl in the office has rather good taste in music and a rather decent sized cd collection as well.  She loaned me a couple of cds to check out today.  I see our friendship becoming much closer in the near future.  Well, even without the cd collection, she’s a pretty cool chick anyway.

Also, thank you to all of you who offered advice and suggestions about the money issues.  I’m hoping to implement some of your suggestions in the near future.  Have I told you lately how much I love you? 

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  1. This is an issue I think most of us struggle with. I can’t possibly get to every blog on my blogroll daily, or the ones I read but haven’t blogrolled. I start with the ones I adore, and hopefully within a few days I have read everyone. I know some bloggers whose blogrolls are not necessarily who they read. And others who only read the blogs of those who comments on their own blogs. It’s tough, that’s for sure.

  2. I just did this too – cleaned out my blog list only to add another 10. But I try to keep up…I haven’t read a real book lately either…at least not one that wasn’t required for some kind of academic project.

  3. I just don’t add more to my blog roll- I would be permanently attatched to my computer if I did. I just mosey on over to the non regulars when I get around to it and catch up on (or two) weeks at a time.

    Ya, I’m one of those people.

  4. And that is why I just signed up for Bloglines! It even notifies you when a blog is updated so you can read it immediately and not get behind!

    (So, uh, you can work more, I guess.)


  5. I have two lists of sorts – the blogroll on my blog is the list I faithfully look at nearly every day. I have another list on the computer itself of blogs that I check every now and then. I also try to keep blogs off my blogroll that don’t actually update at least once a week – that helps to pare it down somewhat.

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