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I Cheated

I’ve been doing really well on my diet so far this week.  Well, until today anyway.  I gave in to temptation and had one of these for lunch. Every single bite was worth it…even if I gain back the pound and a half that I’ve lost this week.

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  1. Ahh, with the stress you are under, you deserve it!!

  2. Sometimes you just have to splurge. I’m thinking I’ll do the same tonight after the day I’ve had!

  3. The burger is alright, the fries are what will kill your diet. I just know that from being diabetic when I was prego. Fries would make my blood sugar skyrocket but hamburgers were ok.
    YOu gotta treat yourself once in awhile!!

  4. yummy! if i was on a diet, i’d cheat with that too 🙂 i love wendy’s! hehe

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