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Ho, Ho, Blahhhh!

Have I mentioned how much I hate Christmas shopping?  It’s not really that I hate the shopping.  It’s that I hate the crowds and all of the insane people that seem to inhabit the stores that I need to go to during the Christmas shopping season.  I just don’t get why people act so crazy.

I decided to make a quick trip to Kohl’s over lunch today to look for some boots (yes, I’m still on a quest for the perfect pair of brown boots).  When I got there I could already tell it was going to be hell because the only parking spots left were in the row in the very, very, far end of the lot.  I got lucky and just happened to turn my car down the aisle just as someone else was pulling out of a closer spot. 

When I walked in the door, the first thing I noticed were all the 50% off signs hanging all over the place.  The second thing I noticed was the line of probably 30-40 people waiting to check out.  I almost turned around and walked out, but the 50% off signs lured the bargain shopper part of my brain in.  So, I went in to look for my boots.  I need a pair of knee high brown boots to wear with a skirt that I really want to wear at my friend’s graduation but I haven’t been able to find any that are the right style and that fit.  Why is it that shoe makers don’t make boots to fit people whose calves are thicker than the standard size 6 woman?  Even some skinny women (not that I’m one of them) have muscular legs you know.

Anyway, I didn’t find the boots I wanted but I did find another pair of more casual brown boots that were so comfy I couldn’t resist them.  They’ll be fine to wear to work and much better to wear in the ice and snow than my old Doc Martens with no tread left on the bottom (plus, they were 50% off!).  The only problem is I still need boots to wear with my skirt.  If I can’t find any then I’ve got to scrounge through my closet again and try to find a different outfit to wear for the graduation.  My work clothes are a little too casual and my dressy clothes (the ones that fit) are a little too dressy.  I need something in between.  I don’t think I’ll wear the new boots until I’m sure that I can’t find the ones I actually want just in case I decide to take them back. 

I would have liked to have done some more shopping (50% off signs everywhere!), but I figured I better get to checking out before my lunch hour was over.  By the time I fought my way through the crowd, explained the difference between Juniors and Misses sizes to a nice but confused man, and picked up one or two other things, the line had died down and I didn’t have to wait long to check out.  Since I didn’t have to wait I was feeling generous and even picked up a collector’s edition copy of How the Grinch Stole Christmas for Zach (okay so maybe it was more for me but he’ll enjoy it in a couple years).

I still need to make one trip to the mall to get a couple of Christmas gifts that I can’t get elsewhere and possibly a trip to Old Navy, but other than that I think I’ll be doing the rest of my Christmas shopping online.  It is so much easier that way!

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  1. The mall is where the Christmas spirit goes to die. Hubby and I were at the mall and I didnt see a smiling face anywhere. I cant believe that no one was happy and even polite. I mean it is Christmas Shopping, right?

    Didnt bother me none, I was only there in hopes of finding a nice Christmas outfit to wear once. My hopes were not high and I was not surprised when I didnt find anything.

    However, I have the perfect brown boots, for me anyway. I bought them at the outlet mall in Destin, FL. They are Sketchers, seude with a side buckle and a very nice heel. I love them. I just need to find more outfits to wear with them.

    I love boots. I work on my collection every year. The slightest nip in the air and I am wearing my boots.

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