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Deep Thoughts…

Yeah, right.  No deep thoughts from me today as I’ve already expended all of my mind’s energy elsewhere.  So here are some not so deep thoughts:

  • The Weight Watchers Smart Ones Spicy Szechuan Style Vegetables and Chicken frozen meal thingie is actually pretty good…as far as diet food goes anyway.
  • Diet? Was I on a diet? I don’t remember being on a diet.  Guess that’s why I haven’t lost any weight lately.  Guess I should throw away that big batch of cookies I made this weekend.  Perhaps I should have skipped that bag of pretzels I just ate too.
  • One of the great things about being a couple sizes smaller than I was at this time the last few years is that I can pull out my old clothes and everybody thinks I have new clothes.  I walk in to work every day and my mom asks me if what I’m wearing is new.  Every day I tell her that it’s not and that I have no money to buy new clothes, yet she keeps asking.
  • My mom really should know that I have no money for new clothes considering I still owe her $50 and I haven’t given her my rent yet this month…that was due on the 1st.  Only 4 more days until hubby gets paid!
  • Picnics at the lake with good food and good friends are fun.  I should do that more often…when it is much cooler than it was here on Saturday.  Or maybe next time I should just strip down and take a dip in the lake.
  • It is hard to work when all I can think about is what I’m doing next weekend.  A weekend at the lake with one of my best friends and her family is just what the doctor ordered.  Zach might even get to experience his first boat ride.  Many pictures will be taken.
  • Hubby irritated the crap out of me all day yesterday, then wanted to have another "talk" lastnight.  Today he’s being all super sweet.  It makes me want to gag.

  • My best friend’s birthday was yesterday and I didn’t even call her.  We celebrated Friday night, but the actual day was Sunday.  I’m such a bad friend.  Plus I had to tell her that I owe her a gift because I was too broke and too strapped for time to get it in time for the party.
  • I used to complain about having no social life at all.  Now I complain because there is not enough time to fit everything in that I want to do with my firends and family.  I’m actually looking forward to winter when things slow down a little and we can spend more time at home.  I miss my couch and TV and crocheting and reading.
  • I really, really, really want to have a huge garage sale and sell about half of my possessions.  Anyone want to help?  I’ll feed you.  I promise.
  • I have a stack about 2 1/2 feet tall of magazines that have never been read.  Having a baby really cramped my reading time.  Throwing them away feels like throwing money away even though probably half of them were free.
  • Diet Cherry Coke doesn’t taste nearly as bad as it used to.  Oh, that’s just me?  Okay.
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  1. Two things: 1) I will definitely help with a garage sale. I’m really good at getting rid of other people’s possessions for them. Really, it’s an untapped talent of mine.

    2) I’m at a point right now with my diet that I don’t know whether I should keep losing weight because, like you, I don’t have the money to buy new clothes. I got rid of all my small, pre-pregnancy clothes out of despair. Now, everything I own bunches and droops. I look like a walking advertisement for Weight Watchers.

  2. Garage sales are a lot of work, but they really do pay off. You can make quite a bit of cash — AND anything you end up with left over, you can donate to charity. If you keep detailed records of your donation, you can get massive tax deductions. I will be looking at about a $5000 deduction this year just by getting rid of random crap.

  3. I love the WW pizzas. I lived off of them for about a year. Have you tried them?

    And have you tried the new Diet vanilla black cherry coke? I love it.

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