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I’m having a really hard time coming up with anything to follow yesterday’s emotionally charged post.  Somehow it seems wrong to go right back to the day-to-day drivel that I usually post here.  That post has stuck with me.  I thought that it would be a release and that it would actually make me feel better to type the words out, but I think it really had the opposite effect.  I spent most of the day in a bit of a fog, trying to sort out the feelings that I shared.

I received some very nice comments and e-mails following that post and, as always, I really appreciated every bit of advice and support.  Sometimes I wonder what I would do without the internet and the wonderful people that I have “met” here.  I often feel that there is nowhere to go with my problems, but I know I can always come here. 

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  1. Know that you are never alone. Even if you can’t talk with other people who are going through what you are, they are out there.

    The main thing is to look after yourself – if you fall into depression too then things could get worse for all of you. Take the time you need to rejuvenate. Never feel guilty about living your life. That the day-to-day drivel is what will get you by.

    Also, hold onto the fact that your husband has bounced back in the past.

  2. Hopefully this won’t come across the wrong way, but…

    Maybe he needs something like this too? I mean… your relationship has you to the point of going elsewhere for “support”, maybe he needs the same.

    Once you’re married or committed and have kids, it’s probably easy to lose “YOU”. Maybe he just needs to find himself.

  3. Actually, I am relieved to see that you DIDN’T feel better after posting that post. I think it is better that it made you think because just posting about it, won’t solve the problem. NOT, that I am saying that YOU should solve the problem, but you know what I mean, right?

    Sometimes, either saying something out loud or writing it “out loud” will help us see something more clearly. Maybe, that is what I am trying to say, albeit ungracefully.

    Hang in there. I was thinking about you this morning.

  4. I am thinking about you and praying for you.

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