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Well, I may have slightly pissed off the MIL this weekend.  Saturday morning I woke up and decided that I just really needed some time with my son.  I also really was in the mood to go shopping and actually needed to pick up a few things anyway, so I nabbed Zach and we went on a little shopping spree.  The part that makes me feel slightly bad is that I knew she wanted to do some shopping too and I had to tell her that I didn’t want her to go with me and Zach.  It felt kind of mean, but I really just needed a couple of hours with Zach to myself and I really enjoy shopping more when I don’t have to wait on someone else.  I don’t think she was too upset, but I could tell that it bothered her.

The good news is that I got two awesome pairs of boots for the winter months plus a rockin’ blue jean skirt (that I didn’t really need but it was too cute to pass up).  I still need a pair of every day brown boots to replace my worn out Docs, but those might have to wait as I spent a bit more than I had planned.  I also bought my nephews’ birthday presents ahead of time this year so that I’m not buying them at the same time I have to buy Chrismas gifts.  I even bought a couple of Christmas gifts to put back for Zach.  I’m really trying to plan ahead for things this year so that we don’t have to charge everything on credit cards.

Speaking of credit cards and early Christmas gifts, my in-laws gave Hubby and I our gifts a bit early this year.  We have been planning a trip to Hawaii in January so that we can go while Hubby’s brother and his wife are still stationed there.  Even though we have tried to put a little money back for the trip, we were going to have to charge the plane tickets if we were going to go.  We were trying to figure out the dates this weekend and checking ticket prices, etc. when my FIL asked if it would be okay for them to buy the tickets for our Christmas gift this year.  So, guess what?  We’re definitely going to Hawaii!  The tickets are already bought so there’s no backing out now.  I can’t wait!

The FIL left to head home Sunday morning and I dropped Hubby’s brother off at the airport this morning before I came to work so we’re down to just one extra person in the house now.  I kind of wonder how much of a difference that will make.  In only 12 more days we’ll have the house back to ourselves.  I am anxious to have some time alone with my husband and my son.  It hasn’t been all that bad really, except for a few annoyances.  I just miss my little family.  I realized this weekend that I barely even talked to my husband all weekend and I really miss him.  The only time we have to ourselves is when we go to bed and Zach hasn’t been sleeping well so he usually ends up in there with us.  I have enjoyed having a little more freedom and time to do some of the things I want to do, but I really am looking forward to life returning to normal.

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  1. Well, the MIL may be a little pissed, but I completely understand why you would want a little time to yourself with Zach.

    Hang in there!

  2. Never feel bad that you want to spend time with your son or your whole little family.

    Your MIL should understand that.

    Glad you’re going to get to go on your trip.

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