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4 Months

oct_05 101_bw.jpg
Can somebody please tell me where in the heck the last 4 months went? Oh, and also, how in the world did my sweet little baby survive those 4 months with such a basketcase of a mother?

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  1. children are very resilient- if you can take it, so can he.
    I love that shot…
    If you want that photo to come into focus, back away about 6 to 12″ and then manually crop your hands out after (see how the blanket is in focus?). Digital cameras without a macro setting don’t take great close ups I’ve learned.

  2. Thanks for the tip Jen. I loaned my good camera to my dad for his trip to Italy so I’m working with my old one here. For some reason if I turn the flash off, even on the macro setting any slight movement at all blurs the picture. In this particular photo, I was taking the picture of myself and Zach so I couldn’t back up anymore. I was a little disappointed in how it turned out, but it is still cute. Hopefully I’ll get my good camera back this weekend!

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