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33 Weeks

33 Weeks-Loving on Baby Sister

33 Weeks and everything is still moving along smoothly. BabyG is apparently growing like crazy. It seems like someone comments about how much bigger I am nearly every day. I might be offended by that if it weren’t for the fact that I’m pretty sure it’s true. I wake up every morning and it seems like she’s grown more over night. I wonder daily if I can really make it to 40 weeks with this one. Zach was born four days after his due date, but I have a feeling BabyG is not waiting around that long.

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  1. You still look fantastic! 33 Weeks already? You’re so close! I’m a little jealous, but I guess if I feel like it went this fast for you, it’ll go that fast for me too. Right? (Please say right!)

  2. LFM LFM

    You look great! and how cute is Zach putting his little paws on his new little sibling, or perhaps giving his momma just a little extra support ;-).

  3. It won’t be long! What a cute picture that is of you and your son.

  4. Tanya Tanya

    I love that picture!

  5. You look fantastic!

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