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One of Those Nights

Last night at 12:30, I was just getting in bed as I heard a cry from the kids’ room.  I assumed it was Evie because she’s been rather cranky the last few days and not sleeping well.  I waited to see if she stopped before heading in there, but when she kept crying I figured I better go see what was wrong.  When I got in the bedroom, it wasn’t Evie crying.  It was Zach.

He was sitting up, holding his ear, and crying.  He couldn’t sleep because his ear was hurting so bad.  By that time, Evie was awake also, sitting up and crying.  I got Zach up so I could take a look at his ear and give him some Motrin for the pain.  Evie was screaming her head off so I handed her off to Daddy and listened to her scream the entire time.

When I finally got Zach ready to go back to bed, he refused to go to his bed and crawled in our bed instead.  He refused to move.  Evie was still screaming.  After a few words with Hubby I left Zach where he was, scooped Evie up and snuggled up in her bed with her.  The screaming continued for quite a while after Evie and I got in her bed.  She was not at all happy to be woken up.

The funniest part of the night though, was what I learned about my daughter during the hour or so that I spent trying to settle her down.  She is so much more like me than I ever knew.  She wanted to snuggle, and wanted me to be close, but she didn’t want me to touch her at all.  She sat up and adjusted her pillow multiple times before finally settling down.  She had to have her blanket just right and every single time I moved the slightest bit she woke up and screamed again, thinking I was getting up.  She apparently sleeps just like me – except I don’t scream every time Hubby moves.

Hubby, on the other hand, got to find out what it was like to sleep with someone who is just like him.  Zach spent the night smushed up against his Daddy, kicking and wiggling all night long, while there was an entire half of the bed empty on the other side.  He’s a bit of a snuggler.

Let’s just say that neither of us slept very well.  It was one of those nights that you have to expect as a parent, but they never get any easier.

I took Zach to the doctor today and of course he does have an ear infection.  He’s now on oral antibiotics plus antibiotic drops because his ear tubes are apparently clogged.  To top it off, he ended up getting both the seasonal and H1N1 flu shots as well because we happened to be there right after the doctor’s office got a shipment in.  He was NOT happy about the shots or the ear drops, but hopefully his ear will start feeling better soon.

As for me, I’ll be all better after a good night’s sleep…which I may get in another 18 years or so.

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  1. Jenny Bean Jenny Bean

    I’m shocked that they gave Zach the shots while he was suffering an ear infection. At the clinics here They will turn you awaay unless you are in perfect health– to get the H1N1 shot anyway… Hope the poor little guy gets better soon, I also suffered terribly from ear infections as a child (my last one being 7 years ago)- pure torture. I remember it not-too-fondly.

  2. Sounds like you all had a pretty restful night. I hope that the ear infection has cleared up already. poor little ones 🙁

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