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Fifteen Months

Dear Zachary,

A few days ago, your day care provider gave birth to a beautiful little baby boy. As I sat there in the hospital room holding little Andrew, I again was amazed at how quickly time passes. Only fifteen months ago I was sitting in the hospital holding my own brand new baby. I could have never guessed back then just how much of joy you would bring into our lives.

This last month has been nothing but fun. You have become quite entertaining. If I need something to cheer me up, all I have to do is turn on some Laurie Berkner music or Jack’s Big Music Show and you will start dancing, singing, and clapping to the music. I could watch you forever. I love that you are so into music because music is one of my favorite things. I really hope that you will continue to enjoy music throughout your life.

Every day you are learning more and more about how to express yourself with words. You tell Mommy and Daddy when you want to watch Blue’s Clues, when you are “all done”, and when you “poopoo”. You also say “bye bye” but only when you want to, “come in” (like they say on Jack’s Big Music Show), “diaper”, “away” (as in to throw away), and you pretty much try to repeat anything that anyone says to you. A lot of times I can’t really understand what you are saying, but you are really trying hard to tell me something. I really wish I could understand you. I can’t wait until we can sit and have a real two-way conversation someday.

You are also starting to learn some really exciting things. You can point out your nose, eyes, mouth, and head. You also know that your shoes go on your feet (and you know where your feet are). You have started calling everything that is the color blue, “Blue’s Clues” showing that you recognize that they are the same color. You also love to help me and Daddy out by throwing away your dirty diapers and anything else that we ask you to put in the trash. It is fun to see you get so excited about such a simple task.

Sometimes when you get angry or don’t get your way, you throw a little tantrum and throw yourself on the floor. Tonight you got angry at me for making you get out of the bathtub, and then for putting your diaper and pajamas on. When I finally let you loose, you decided to get mad and threw yourself on the floor. Unfortunately, you threw yourself on the floor right beside your rocking horse and slammed your head into it. I could tell that it really hurt, but you were so mad at me that you wouldn’t let me hold and comfort you.

This month you got your first real boo-boo. I looked down as we were playing with your new puzzle and found that your thumb was bleeding. I still can’t figure out what you cut it on, but it was quite a shock to me. I covered it with a band-aid, but you didn’t really care for it, so I took it off as soon as it stopped bleeding. You also gave me a pretty good boo-boo a few days ago. We were playing in the floor when you reached up like you were giving me a big hug. Before I knew what had happened, you chomped down on my arm and left two little teeth marks in my skin. You bit down so hard that I was actually bleeding and it still stung a couple of hours afterward.

I quickly forgave you for the biting, but let’s just make a deal that you aren’t going to do that anymore, okay? It really did hurt, but I think it may have hurt me even more when I had to yell at you about it. It breaks my heart to see your little face crumple up and your bottom lip come out and know that I made it that way. I suppose I’ll toughen up eventually. Either that, or I’ll be crying with you.

I love you,


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  1. That was a lovely post. It will be nice to look back on it and share it with him in the future.

    You are right, time goes so quickly.

  2. I love reading these little letters to children. What a priceless momento!

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