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This kid.
caleb-1He is the light at the end of the tunnel after a hard day. He is also generally the source of my biggest frustrations. He’s all love and cuddles one second and then a big pile of tantruming goo the next. He is two, more terrible than not most days. He is brilliant and funny and ornery and kind and curious and is growing up way too fast.

caleb-2Today was one of those hard days. I had a lot of work to get done and not really enough time to do it all. It was a stressful and emotional week. Caleb had a rough night with very little sleep and I was dreading the day before it even began. It was a work at home day for me, which means it was just Caleb and I all day long.

caleb-3He needed attention…constantly. I needed to focus on my work. He needed snacks, a change of clothes and a bath (potty training is fun!), wanted mommy to play, and then was begging for lunch at 10:00 a.m. When he finished his sandwich, he said, “Mommy downstairs take pictures?” (which is also code for the one thing mommy rarely says no to). Did I mention how smart he is?

So we took a break. We went outside, snapped a few pictures, checked out the berries growing in our yard, walked around, made a leaf pile, and played. He of course screamed and fought me when it was time to come in, but those few minutes were a much needed break. The afternoon was filled with more neediness and frustration (for both of us), but we made it through.

caleb-4It won’t be long before this time with him will be over. He’ll be off to school and I’ll be left here in the too quiet house. I am so thankful for a job that allows me to work part of my time at home. I love that I get to have that extra time with him that I never was able to have with the other two kids, even though some days are so very hard.

There are a million things on my plate that I should be doing instead, but I wanted to write this down. I want to remember it all – the good and the bad.

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  1. Mom Mom

    You will definely miss even days like these all too soon. I’m glad you take the time to record all this to look back on some day.

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