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A Mommy Moment

Saturday morning I woke up at 7:30 a.m. to the familiar sound of Zach chatting away through the baby monitor.  I layed there and listened to him for a few minutes with a smile on my face before climbing out of bed.  Then I stumbled into the kitchen to fix him a cup of milk and headed back to his room.  As I cracked his door open, I heard a squeal of delight.  I looked up to see a huge smile on the face of my beautiful baby boy.

As has become our usual Saturday morning custom, I picked Zach up and took him to the living room.  I turned the TV on and chose a recorded episode of Jack’s Big Music Show from the Tivo.  Zach cuddled up in my lap, drank his milk, and ate a few cheerios from my hand as he bounced to the music.  Once his belly was full, he was ready to get down and play.  I sat, perfectly content, watching him fiddle with each toy as he removed it from his toy bin.

After playing for a while, he started getting fussy and was ready for his morning nap.  While he was napping, hubby and I decided to watch a movie.  Just as the movie was getting toward the end, Zach woke back up.  I brought him back into the living room to play with his toys while we finished the movie.  He wasn’t very interested in the toys, however, instead choosing to climb up onto my lap and snuggle  with me.

As the movie ended, hubby and I started tickling and playing with Zach, trying to hear that little giggle that brings so much joy to our lives.  Zach wasn’t so much in a ticklish mood, choosing instead to curl back up in my lap and give hugs and kisses.  As I hugged my son, suddenly I got a choked up feeling in the back of my throat and tears started welling up in my eyes.  As I looked at him, all of the love that I feel for my son came rushing at me and all I could think was "I made this."  I held him tight and vowed to myself that I would never, under any circumstances, forget the feeling I had right at that second.  Motherhood is so awesome.

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