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Does Milk Chocolate Count As A Serving of Milk?

So, as I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I’m back to counting point values for everything that I eat.  Weight Watchers Online is my new best friend – my new best friend that I just so happen to hate.  Maybe hate is too strong of a word.  It isn’t that I hate it.  Weight Watchers is the only diet I have ever been able to stick to in my life.  I just hate that I need it.  I hate that I can’t regulate what I eat without it.

Since I am breastfeeding, I get a lot of extra points but even with them, my first week didn’t go so well.  I did good for the first four days, then I caved.  I was SO hungry.  I ate a sensible dinner Thursday night, but we were at my mom’s house and I just couldn’t stop eating.  Then the weekend was so busy that I just didn’t have time to think about counting points and guessed at what I was eating.  Plus, I had to eat birthday cake and ice cream at Zach’s birthday party.

Despite my bad eating the second half of the week, I did still manage to lose 4 pounds.  I don’t feel it, but that’s what the scales say so I suppose I should be happy about it.  I think part of the problem is that I just have so far to go this time and I can’t seem to get the hunger under control.  It is hard to believe that I can stick to my new eating plan when I feel so hungry all of the time.

So far this week is going okay, but I’ve already dipped into my “extra” points for the week.  I’m trying really hard to get the cravings under control but it is still hard.  I don’t remember being as hungry when I was breastfeeding Zachary, but with Evie it seems like I can never eat enough.  I guess at the very least I know that I’m making (somewhat) healthier food choices.

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  1. Can I just say that 4lbs in one week is so freaking great that you should be standing on a chair clapping for yourself rather then giving yourself this “talking to” about having cravings. You’re sustaining a WHOLE person here – VIA BOOB. I haven’t done this yet, but I hope to, SOON (please let it be soon, please please please the gods of pregnant women give me pity and bring this baby to an evicted status soon, soon. soon.).

    So I’m in my living room – very pregnant just standing up (chair climbing at 9months isn’t advised) clapping for you. And I say that Weight Watchers while fantastic and effective and all of those things is completely and totally hate-able.

  2. B B

    I’m with Cass. A four pound weight loss is amazing. When April pulls that off (week after week because she apparently is a weight loss machine) I always have to congratulate her and then silently hate myself and my stomach roll.

    I’m on an swiveling office chair, standing up, which really is quite dangerous, clapping for you. You’ve made the right first steps and it will get easier as Evie transitions into more solids and you get more of your body back. Congratulations on your first week!

  3. I was thinking about trying to start dieting, but I’m having the same situation as you. The breastfeeding is making me constantly famished. At this point, I’m not willing to fight it, but I know the day is coming when I’ll have to take care of it.

  4. You seem to be doing excellent to me, don’t beat yourself up too much- baby steps are good!!
    Do you have time to fit a bit of exercise into a day?? You may be getting enough as it is, which is why you can cheat and still lose 4 pounds, which is amazing.

    Great work!

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