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Day 2

I made it through one whole day of dieting.  Woohoo!  I actually did good.  I stayed right on my target points for the day.

Today, so far, has not been as good.  First off, I forgot my lunch which means I have to eat out.  That sucks because it means more points used up, plus more money used up that I don’t really have.  I decided to get some Wendy’s because they have a 7 point chicken sandwich and with a side salad and low-fat dressing that’s only 8 points which is about the best I can do with fast food. 

So about an hour ago, I was heading out the door to go pick up my lunch because I was super hungry and thought I would beat the lunch crowd by leaving a few minutes early.  On my way out I was told that someone else was going to go pick up lunch at Wendy’s and that they would get mine too.  I’ve been waiting and waiting and she just came back and told me that she is leaving now.  As in an entire hour later.  I could have gone, picked up my lunch, eaten, and been back to work by now.  Instead I’ve been jacking around waiting for my lunch to get here.  I’m a little irritated.  And HUNGRY.

I finally gave in and ate some fruit snacks that were sitting in my desk drawer.  That’s 2 points that I could have saved for dinner but wasted because I just couldn’t wait anymore.  Add that to my 3 point breakfast and my lunch and that’s already 13 points for the day.  Damnit.  Dieting sucks!

What really sucks is that I had already planned to make my yummy spagetti casserole (the low-fat version of course) for dinner tonight and I’m barely going to be able to eat any of it.  And I was so looking forward to it.  Guess I better pick up some salad on my way home.

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