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Why Google Reader is My Best Friend

I’ve had a few people ask me recently about feed readers and RSS and what it all is.  If you only read one or two blogs, it’s not going to make much difference in your life, but if you read ten or more? Definitely worth figuring out how to subscribe and use a feed reader.  Simple Mom has a great post up that explains it all in very easy terms.  I highly suggest clicking on the link below and giving it a read.

RSS subscription options explained in plain language | simple mom.

p.s. I promise I’ll have a real post soon! Just wanted to pass this along.

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  1. B B

    1) I clicked on your “Blogs I Read” tab and was floored by the amount of blogs you have linked there.

    2) Thank you for making my Wednesday that much more special by being able to find new blogs to read when I got bored 🙂

    3) I think you are the feed reader goddess if you can read all of those in one day. What happens when you go on vacation? Does your feed read explode?

  2. dee dee

    The trick is to scan and really read the posts that interest me. The feed reader makes scanning so much easier (and saves tons of time). Other than a few favorites, I don’t read every post by every blogger. And, when I go on vacation or am otherwise occupied (like when a certain little girl needs extra attention) the “mark all as read” feature gets used. There definitely isn’t enough time in the day to read them all every day.

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