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Hairbows are Addictive

I seriously never thought I would be the type of mom to dress my girl in frilly dresses, make her purses, and put bows in her hair.  (Of course I also never expected my daughter to have such little hair at a year old.)  Guess that just proves that motherhood really does make you a bit crazy!  I finally got a little bit of down time on Sunday and this is how I spent it.

More Hairbows

I’ve been collecting ribbon here and there for a while now but never could find the time to sit down and make these.  It was a great way to spend my little bit of extra time.  It still surprises me how much joy I get from making things with my hands!

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  1. You have such a wonderful site here. I just found you at Creative Bliss.

    Bows are absolutely addictive. These are very cute.

  2. You are a jack of all trades aren’t you! Those are so cute!

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