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Category: Gratitude

My 365 Photo Project – One photo every day of something I am thankful for

Knit 1, Purl 1

After a long day of cleaning up messes, dealing with a sick kid, trying to keep the non-sick kid entertained, finally getting this site launched, cooking a dinner that nobody would eat, and not feeling so good myself, I settled into my chair and grabbed some yarn to work on while I watched my favorite shows. My hands quickly fell into a nice knit 1, purl 1 rhythm, and for two hours while I watched my favorite shows I was the most relaxed that I have been all week. It is amazing how something so simple can sometimes have such a profound effect.

(I’ve added a new category to this site titled “gratitude”. This is my attempt at a 365 photo project, though I’ve already discovered that I can’t keep up with it on a daily basis. I’ll be posting to this when I can and most likely the photos will be from my iphone, as I always have it with me. Each post will contain something that I’m thankful for.)

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Thinking Ahead

I’m thankful for quick thinking, and a purse stocked with fun things that kept us from a major meltdown while waiting for dinner tonight.

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Today was a really hard day emotionally.  Today I’m thankful that I found some answers that I’ve been searching for, even if those answers may make life more difficult from here on out.  Sometimes there is peace in just understanding.

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Fender Bender

Thankful that this little fender bender ended with no more damage than a scraped up bumper.  Even more thankful that the kids weren’t in the car with me when it happened.

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Thankful for windows from which we wave goodbye to Daddy as he drives away.

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I spent my entire life dreaming of doing my little girl’s hair, so when she started telling me no, it made me sad. Every now and then she lets me put some pigtails in though and I enjoy every second of it.

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