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Halloween Dresses Modeled

My niece Caitlin came over on Saturday morning and it gave me the perfect opportunity to get some photos of the girls modeling their dresses.  Caitlin didn’t want to sit still, but I still managed to snap a few cute shots of her.  Evie, on the other hand, was posing and grinning like a pro.  They both looked adorable in their dresses and matching headbands though.





I love these dresses so much that I bought more fabric lastnight so I could make a few more.  Aren’t they just adorable (the models and the dresses)?

Halloween Pillowcase Dresses

After finishing up my Halloween Trick or Treat bags (which you can still buy here), I had a bit of fabric left over.  I debated over what to use it for, then decided that it would make some adorable little dresses.  I’ve been finding tutorials all over the place for pillowcase dresses and since I was dying to make one I decided to whip up a Halloween version.  I figured as long as I was using scraps I wouldn’t mind so much if I screwed it up.

Halloween Dresses

I used Leslie’s Pillowcase Dress Tutorial for the basic steps but adapted it for size.  I left off the frills and didn’t have any bias tape for the armholes so I just turned it under and top stitched.

The first one went so fast that I went ahead and made up another one for my niece.  I haven’t had a chance to try them on the girls yet, but I held one up to Evie and it looks like the size came out just right.

I discovered that I definitely need to work on keeping my stitching even, but I think for a first attempt these look pretty good.  I also decided that I like the thicker ribbon used on the candy corn dress so I’ll probably go switch the ribbon on the other dress before I give it away.  Once I finish up the matching headbands, I think the girls will look just adorable in them!

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Need To Line Those Crocheted Bags?

If you haven’t noticed by my recent sewing projects, I have a thing for handmade bags. Years ago when I first started learning to crochet I made a few little handbags but I always wanted them lined and didn’t quite know how to do it. I didn’t have a sewing machine at the time either, so I put together some very sloppy hand sewn linings for those bags and well, they just didn’t last. If only I had this great tutorial from Futuregirl around back then, perhaps I would still be carrying those cute little handbags around.

*photo by Futuregirl

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Tote Your Stuff!

Life with a new baby includes carrying around a lot of stuff. You need diapers, wipes, extra clothes, bottles, bibs, toys, pacifiers, along with all kinds of other odds and ends. That’s why when I found a super simple pattern for this cute little tote bag I had to buy it. I made the first one for my sister-in-law back in December. I thought it would make the perfect diaper bag, but she chose to use it as a purse instead.

Tote Bags

After my own little bundle of joy came along, I decided I needed to make one for myself. Now, only four months later, I finally found the time to make my own bag (the pink/brown striped one). I also put one together for my sister (the underwater themed one), even though her diaper bag days are nearly over. I’m sure she’ll be able to find a use for it.

The bag is reversible, with pockets either on the inside or outside. I haven’t yet decided which way I like the best yet.

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