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The Purple Roselette

Last weekend I finished off the second Roselette Top.  I love the bright colors in this one, along with the purple accents.  It is slightly bigger than the green one as I used one size larger crochet hook.  I’m hoping that Evie will be able to wear this one a little longer than the other one.  She’s growing so fast these days that clothing doesn’t last long before she’s outgrown it.

Purple Roselette Top

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The Green Roselette

Roselette Top

When I was in college I worked with developmentally disabled adults in a group home. It was there that I first really got interested in crafts. One of the ladies I worked with loved to crochet and after watching her for a while I decided I wanted to learn. I taught myself from a book, made an afghan, a couple purses and hats and then I pretty much quit crocheting. I picked up knitting a couple of years ago and haven’t even thought of crocheting a single thing since.

Then I came across the adorable Roselette Top over at Craftivist and knew I had to make it. I finally tracked down the pattern at Chez Plum and sat down with some soft cotton yarn and my crochet hook.

I absolutely loved making this! It was very simple and I cannot wait to put it on Evie. I did alter the pattern slightly and left the buttonholes off. Instead I used smaller buttons and was able to use the natural space between double crochet stitches as buttonholes. The whole thing only took me a few evenings (while watching TV) and I am pretty slow since I haven’t crocheted in years. I think I am more proud of this than anything else I’ve ever made. I’ve already bought yarn for the next one!

(And even though I didn’t plan it that way, it will be perfect for St. Patrick’s Day!)

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