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The Cuteness is Overwhelming


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  1. AWWWW! Adorable! Totally! Oh my gosh! I’m so happy for you! Awwww!!

  2. OMG I could just eat him up, cuteness! 🙂

  3. I just went to you flickr site. I love the new pics. He is so cute. You guys are so lucky to have such a beautiful little man. Him and Pa looked smashing in their matching saints outfit.

    The 3 month pics, do you get those done professionally?

  4. oh my GOSH I just want to squish those little cheeks! What a little sweetheart, for sure. Love this photo!!

  5. Look at those eyes!!!!!! He’s a doll 🙂

  6. What a cutie! Love the cheeks.

  7. Oh that is just a killer face!! Wait until he figures out how to pout to get his way!

  8. I could just eat him up, he is so cute!! I can’t believe he’s 4 months old already! Sheesh!

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